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It is apparent you were being driven to radicalization. Former CIA Chief of Station in Angola during the 1970s John Stockwell wrote 'In Search of Enemies' regarding the main purpose of the CIA, which is not to acquire information, but to exacerbate violent opposition to the USA, which the administration of the CIA could then use to justify increased funding from Congress, ever worse and more profitable covert actions, particularly dominating black markets and developing terrorist organizations that then further acted to destabilize profit centers for the CIA's business model.

They were trying to push you into taking action they could profit by countering. It's why they destabilized Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and on and on. They use chaos as a route to power, and saw you as a potential route to power if they could encourage you to increase chaos.

It is useful to consider things strategically, but extraordinarily difficult to do when personally tactically engaged. The end game is to establish various global councils that function as a distributed global government that coordinates regional jurisdictions to effect policy. This is purposed to support a royalty exclusively able to breed, with the bulk of humanity reduced to serfs enslaved for production of the income and sexual satiation of the nobility.

They are most of the way there today. Testosterone has dropped by >60% in the West, accompanied by political and social demoralization, massive influxes of non-feminized refugees from wartorn ME states, and urbanization into what are essentially factory farming warrens where private property can be stripped from proles who can then be prevented from accumulating wealth in order to render them susceptible to financial manipulation.

Globally across all jurisdictions the assault on rural communities is effected via Urban Growth Boundaries, Planning Commissions, and the use of REITs to price rural real property out of the market for all but the most wealthy. Combined with ever more thuggish and violent police surveillance and counter-intelligence agencies, collectivization, and environmental degradation necessitating austerity and oppression, the framework for the process of deruralization and domestication of humanity is in place, and when the time is right war, plague, and famine will be used to dispose of ~6.5 billion eaters that diminish the quality of life of the nobility.

You seem to have avoided the trap of undertaking a counteroffensive as a result of their attacks. The best they can hope for now is for you to be rendered economically irrelevant, as you seem to note being implemented.

I strongly recommend adopting means of production suited to your circumstances that can ultimately provide necessary goods and services to support your quality of life while resistant to parasitization that enables you to resist financial manipulation. It is of use to develop social and production networks that can support communities able to effect nominal security and economic development effecting desirable quality of life for the folks involved.

You have had a target on your back all your days. The best thing you can do is to appear as if you have been successfully disempowered, because it will discourage your oppressors from undertaking further operations to put that pressure on you, and minimize surveillance deployed to ensure your compliance.


Thanks. That's a lot to process. I'm not sure what to do at this point but I'll figure something out. Will keep you posted, you're the best!

You flatter me. I've just been ahead of you in the queue. I see you are thoughtful and have integrity. Any of the information I have painfully gleaned from my own downfall is most valuable if able to enable others to avoid the pitfalls I have all too exhaustively explored.

The Creality CR10 S5 is a great value with one of the largest build volumes available for less than $1000. A good place to begin IMHO.

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