High School - Chapter 6 - Practice makes perfect

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Roy: Ronald! Where have you been?
Ronald: I just got here, why?
Roy: The tryout results just got posted!
Ronald: Did I make the team?
Roy:See for yourself.


Monday morning before class...


Payton: The lists are up! The lists are up!

Instantly, a crowd forms around the bulletin board, with Ronald and Mary in the back...

Arlene: I made first-chair trombone!!

Arlene jumps up and down, a look of pure joy on her face... Ronald's elbow his way to the front of the crowd and scan the list for his name...

Ronald: I'm the new running back!
Mary: Oh my gosh! Ronald, look!
Ronald: Mary Hawkins... Kicker? I guess you really impressed Coach at tryouts! Are you gonna accept? There's a chance you'll get tackled.
Mary: I... I think I will. If the coach thinks I can handle it, then so do I.
Ronald: I'm so proud of you, Mary. And the best part is... We'll be together...
Mary: Agreed. I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else.
Ronald: We'll be the most dynamic duo this school has ever seen!
Frank: Bravo, you two. Remind me to buy a "congratulations" card.
Ronald: You know, it's sometimes hard to tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
Frank: Oh, I'm definitely being sarcastic.
Ronald: I get it. You're Mr. "I'm too cool to take place in extracurricular activities". We're all very impressed.
Frank: Sounds like you've got me pegged. Of course... If you actually want to get to know me, you could always come hang out with me and my friends at lunch.
Ronald: Wait... Is that a genuine invitation? Or... are you being sarcastic again?
Frank: This time it's genuine. If you want to hang out, meet me outside after the third bell.
Ronald: In that case... I need to do a rain check.
Frank: Your loss. See you around sometime. Enjoy your... Highly-organized activities.
Mary: That guy is lucky he's cute. His personality leaves a lot to be desired.
Ronald: He's definitely... unique. Anyway, I don't care what he says. I'm super excited to make that list!
Mary: Me too! I wonder what is our first practice going to be like...

After school... Ronald finds his newly assigned locker and opens it up. Inside, he finds a brand new uniform and helmet with the number "11" on it...

Ronald: My first uniform!

Ronald put his uniform on and rush onto the field. Roy, Mary, and the rest of the team wait for him...

Roy: Ronald, nice uniform!
Ronald: Hahaha... Thanks. Yours looks nice, too. Love the red color!
Coach Burke: Welcome and congrats, everyone, for making this year's team! It's a big accomplishment.
Julian: Can I get a "hell yeah"?
Allan: Hell Yeah!!
Mary: Hell... I mean heck yeah!
Coach Burke: I like that spirit! Okay! Before we begin, I have a couple of announcements. First of all, Mary has resigned her position as my assistant and will be playing kicker instead. And, second, a yearbook photographer is here to take pictures of our practice.
Julie: Hi everyone!

Startled, Julian looks up and briefly locks eyes with Julie. He quickly turns away...

Julian: Julie?
Julie: Hey, Julian...
Coach Burke: There'll be plenty of time to talk later. Everybody, line up! Julie's taking action shots, so I expect you all to play your hardest.
Brian: A quick piece of advice. Just keep the camera pointed in my direction. I'm where the action is.

They run several drills, but Brian barely ever throws to Ronald or Roy. Finally, after an hour...

Roy: Brian, how am I supposed to get better if you keep ignoring me?
Brian: Get better? Doesn't everyone think you're the best?
Roy: Brian...
Brian: Okay, fine, Roy... Go lang.


Roy runs down the field, and Brian throws as hard as he possibly can, completely missing him...

Brian: You see what I have to work with around here? I'm making Tom Brady throws, but my receivers can't catch 'em!
Allan: What are you talking about? That pass sailed twenty feet over his head.
Brian: In that case, maybe Roy needs to learn how to jump higher.
Ronald: Or you could just throw on target!

Brian: How's this for on target?

Brian picks up another ball... and throws it at Ronald hard from point blank range... But he just catch it with ease...

Coach Burke: Whoa... Nice one, Ronald!
Brian: Thanks to my throw!
Roy: Are you kidding me? You could have seriously hurt somebody.
Brian: Please. What a drama queen. I was just messing around.
Roy: That's what you do best, isn't it? Messing around...
Julie: I... I think I'm gonna go. I got a few good photos at least!
Ronald: Not bad.
Julie: Thanks. I'll see you soon, Ronald.

As she leaves, Brian smirks...

Brian: Let's just hope she got my good side. Who are we kidding? All my sides are good.
Coach Burke: Brian, not another word out of you. Quarterback may be the most prestigious position, but it's also one which requires you to work with your team.

Brian: Not my fault, Coach. Roy and Ronald are ganging up on me!
Roy: Ganging up on you?
Brian: Come on, it's obvious. Everyone knows you hate me!
Coach Burke: I've heard enough. You kids are some of the best players we've got. Whatever your issues are, you'd better work them out before Friday. Understood?
Roy: Yes, sir.
Brian: Yeah, whatever.
Coach Burke: Okay. That's it for practice today. Everyone, hit the showers.

The next day...

Ronald and Mary are eating lunch outside in the courtyard...

Mary: Thanks for joining me out here. I just...
Ronald: No worries, I'm glad to be out there, too. Tensions were too high with Roy and Brian in the cafeteria today.
Mary: I hope things cool down before practice later.
Ronald: Yeah, but let's not worry about that. We're outside, it's a beautiful day, no one is causing drama--
Brian: ...
Ronald: ... Famous last words.

Ronald, tense up as Brian starts walking towards their table... But Brian walks past them and approaches a table where Luis, Arlene, Sakura, and Nishan are sitting. He climbs on top of the table and lies back...

Nishan: Uh, hi, Brian.

Brian took a cookie from Nishan's tray and bite at it...

Sakura: What the hell, Brian? Did you seriously just steal Nishan's cookie right on front of him?
Brian: Yeah. What are you gonna do about it? I'm twice your size, sweetheart.
Sakura: Don't you dare--
Ronald: Hey, Brian! Knock it off!
Brian: Oh, look! The rookie football player is sticking up for the nerds! Nice try, Ronald, but we both know I could take you in a fight.
Ronald: You wouldn't dare.
Brain: Of course I wouldn't. That would be totally unfair.
Mary: You're right... But not for the reasons you think!
Brian: Really, blondie? Like what?
Mary: It's just that there are six of us and only one of you.
Brian: I could take any of you.
Ronald: Individually, I'm sure. But all at once?

Brian looks around and sees the ice-cold glares staring him down...

Brian: I... Fine, I'm out of here. By the way, Nishan, your cookies are disgusting.

Brian storms off...

Ronald: Mary, that was awesome!
Mary: What was?
Ronald: You totally got Brian to leave!
Mary: That was mostly you, Ronald.
Ronald: Sure, I started it, but you were the one who really got to him.
Mary: I -- I guess we make a pretty good team.
Luis: You super do!
Mary: Luis?
Luis: I mean, uh, hi, Mary... Um, and Ronald.
Ronald: Hi, Luis. What's up?
Luis: I just came over here to say, er, say that it was epic how you stood up to Brian like that.
Mary: Oh, thank you, Luis.
Ronald: Something you wanna say, Luis?
Luis: What? Uh, no. I'll... See you later, Mary!

Luis runs back to his seat. A few seconds later, Sakura comes over...

Sakura: Sorry about that. Look, what Luis was trying to ask was if you wanted to come sit with us?
Mary: Um... Okay!
Ronald: Let's go.

They pick up their trays and move to the other side of the courtyard to join the nerds...


Nishan: Hey, guys! Welcome to the fun table!

Mary: Hi. Um, where should I sit?
Arlene: Mary, how about right here between me and Luis!
Mary: Well, okay!

Arlene scoots over enthusiastically, and Mary sits down. Luis smiles shyly at her...

Luis: Um... Hi, Mary. Again.
Arlene: What about you, Ronald? How about you sit between me and my cousin Nishan.
Ronald: Nah no worries... I'll just sit between Luis and Mary.
Sakura: Well, actually, we were thinking--
Luis: Yeah, sure. Come and sit here.

He makes room and Ronald take a seat...

Nishan: Great! Welcome!
Ronald: By the way, Arlene, don't you usually sit with the band?
Arlene: Yesterday at band practice, Ezra was being obnoxious and not listening to anyone, so Aiden and a bunch of us walked out.
Mary:Ezra? But he seemed so nice!
Arlene: I think being the student director has gone to his head. Anyway, it's like, civil war there. I thought Ezra was gonna bite Aiden's head off. Best to stay far, far away. Besides, I've gotta bond with my "Lookout" team sometimes.
Ronald: Lookout? What's lookout?
Nishan: You've never heard of Lookout?
Luis: It's a competitive team-based FPS, and the flagship title of Blizzard Studios.
Ronald: Huh?
Mary: Basically, you're on a team of six people with guns, and you're trying to kill another team of six before they get you.
Luis: You've played it, Mary?
Mary: No, but I've been wanting to. It looks like a lot of fun.
Arlene: Oh my gosh! I just had the best idea! Mary, Ronald, how about you join our team?
Sakura: Arlene, I thought we said no noobs! What about our win record?

Nishan elbow her in the rib. His eyes dart between Luis and Mary...

Sakura: I mean, uh, yes. We've been looking for two more players, and we'd love to have you.
Nishan: We're playing tomorrow evening in the computer lab, and you're very welcome to join. Right, Luis?
Luis: ... I mean, yeah. If you want to, that is.
Ronald: I'd rather not slow you guys down.
Arlene: Really, it would be fine--
Mary: No, Ronald's right. I know how competitive Lookout is. You should find people who know what they're doing.
Nishan: But--

The bell rings before Nishan can protest...

Ronald: I've gotta go. It was fun sitting with you guys.
Luis: Yeah, it was.

Thursday afternoon...


Allan: Roy, Brian told me to tell you to study your routes. He's tired of you being in the wrong place.
Roy: Did he say anything else?
Allan: I... don't think I should repeat it.
Roy: Well then, Allan, can you tell--
Ronald: Okay, that's it! Roy, come with me, we're talking to Brian.

Ronald drag Roy onto the field where Brian is doing pushups...

Ronald: Look, Brian, I know Roy and I aren't your favorite people, but could you please put that aside, just for a few hours?
Brian: And why should I do that? You guys are the ones making my life a pain.
Ronald: Do it because... You owe it to the rest of the team.
Brian: Let me tell you something. I don't owe this team a thing. They need me way more than I need them.

Ronald cross his arms and look Brian right in the eye...

Brian: Look, fine. I'll give you and Roy another chance... under one condition.
Roy: What is it?
Brian: Roy admits that Zoe and I should've been together from the start.
Ronald: Brian!!!!
Roy: Is that what you want? Okay.
Ronald: Roy--
Roy: Ronald, I owe this to the team. Brian... you and Zoe should have been together from the start.
Brian: Cool...
Ronald: Does this mean that you'll be a team player now?
Brian: Dude, sure. You play your best. I'll play my best. Everybody wins.
Roy: Right. Everybody wins.

Next time on High School...

It's time for the first game of the season... but is Ronald ready? With the first game of the season only a week away, there's no time for the team to waste...

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