RE: Do you know a foreign language? [CrowdVoting] --- It's PAYDAY!!

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This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Never in my 24 years of software development have I seen such a huge turnout for a Project, this is FANTASTIC!! The Smartcoins Wallet isn't just a multi-crypto wallet in 44 languages, it's now got the Human touch :) I have listed all the awesome people below who helped out:

We now have 18 language Jobs done (app store descriptions and xml file):

Czech @valtr = 292 $BD (sent 146 $BD twice. Jiri is valtr)

Finnish "mpaasila" = 292 $BD

Spanish @rodrigocrespo = 292 $BD

Japanese "bitktn" = 292 $BD

French @linouxis9 = 292 $BD

Polish "nmywn" and @tomcio2001 = 146 $BD x 2

Dutch @rules169 = 292 $BD

Catalan @yuhhans = 292 $BD

Arabic @xcode18 = 292 $BD

Italian "fuunyK" and @giostar = 146 $BD x 2

Hebrew @ooak = 292 $BD

Estonian @sulev = 292 $BD

Bulgarian @bobo012 and @pump = 146 $BD x 2

Russian @ratel = 292 $BD

Chinese Simplified @imyao = 292 $BD

Malay @raj23 = 292 $BD

Indonesian @extricati0n = 292 $BD

Latvian @mranderson = 292 $BD

We have 17 Jobs that are half completed:

German @nioctib = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Norwegian @d3m0t3x = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Vietnamese @bangking
nothing received

Greek "liondani" says payment not necessary

Portuguese @akado
nothing received

Hindi @gmalhotra
nothing received

Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian @ridji
nothing received

Turkish @munxgauzen
nothing received

Slovak @ppitonak = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Romanian @nelu.ceban = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Danish @iobates = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Chinese Traditional @dragonho
nothing received

Hungarian @maki
nothing received

Swedish @andu
nothing received

Ukranian @webdeals = 146 $BD (balance will come when Job is done)

Slovenian @dmcx
nothing received

Thai @bkkshadow
nothing received

We still need Translators for (unpaid):
Albanian, Armenian, Bengali, Farsi, Korean and Lithuanian.

So, 24 payouts total.
I'll round up to $7000 SBD (PLEASE share the links, and 5-star the Smartcoins Wallet!)
7000.00 / 24 = 292 $BD - (also rounded up)
18 Jobs were completed in full, and get full payment.
6 Jobs were half completed and only get half payment for now.

Stay tuned for many more types of Jobs to come! I will do my very best to build more quality Blockchain Apps, so please help me by spreading those links around and 5-star the Smartcoins Wallet, thank you SOOOO much :)

Google Play:

Please Upvote and Share : let's bring cryptocurrencies to the world :)



This is exactly how we should use steemit for, instead of all those fake posts that are flooding the network. Thanks for the payout :)

@kencode, is there any ETA for when this wonderful piece of software will be available for open source enthusiasts at ?

I have been SALIVATING for weeks!

Yeah, we're like wtf is up with f-droid lately. Aptoide published it same day:

You might wanna wait until I upload v1.0.5 though later this week, that way you get all the latest code. :)

Hey @kencode! Let me know when you have something else to do, I will gladly be involved if I can!

Actually, I have a couple more Jobs that I will be posting over this next week, so please Follow my blog so you can jump in on it if you're interested. Please and thanx in advance :)

Hello @gaitan GREAT NEWS!
User @nelu.ceban was unable to finish the job, so if you can fix all of the translation errors here, you get the 146 $BD immediately. Can you do it? Here is the file that needs to be edited:

Please confirm here that you are accepting the Job. If you cannot do it, then @the-future is up next.

Please and thank you in advance @gaitan! :)

yes! i will. until when?

In 2 days if possible? Thursday?
Please and thank you @gaitan :)

Great! 2 days it's ok, maybe sooner

It's done! If something has to be changed, let me know. Thanks!

Hey @gaitan can you please submit a pull request to the master branch please? I will commit it from there.

Thanx in advance :)

Great work @gaitan :)

Payment sent.

Thank you again gaitan and I hope we can work on future projects together! :)

Thank you! Untill next time! :)

Inspirational. Great job Ken and everyone participating. Kudos in abundance.

I'm looking at the app in google play and I will support you by giving five stars

That would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you ben99 :)

If we don't support each other who gonna support us, trust me you deserve much better than i can give you

This is nice, @d3m0t3x did an great jobb on Noregian, almost finnish :)

Smartcoin wallet looks awesome ken. I wish I could be of more use, but my Japanese is intermediate at best I wouldn't feel comfortable translating for it.

Thank you Ken!

Good stuff kencode!

I am still here to help with Hungarian. (Maki was 3 minutes faster for apply the job 😄)Just let me know if you need help.

I have a lot of things going on and just don't have time to translate.
I am giving the job to spiz0r.
Thanks kencode for the opportunity and sorry for delay.
Congratulations on the marvelous job with the app.



I have given @maki one more week. If it is still not completed by then, I would sure appreciate your help :)
Watch my blog for further details, thank you :)

I am not sure you have already seen maki's comment here. But if it is ok for you, I can start it tomorrow or should I wait for your next post?

Thanks. I will keep checking your posts.

It's pleasure to work with you! :)

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