Actually, I have a couple more Jobs that I will be posting over this next week, so please Follow my blog so you can jump in on it if you're interested. Please and thanx in advance :)

Hello @gaitan GREAT NEWS!
User @nelu.ceban was unable to finish the job, so if you can fix all of the translation errors here, you get the 146 $BD immediately. Can you do it? Here is the file that needs to be edited:

Please confirm here that you are accepting the Job. If you cannot do it, then @the-future is up next.

Please and thank you in advance @gaitan! :)

yes! i will. until when?

In 2 days if possible? Thursday?
Please and thank you @gaitan :)

Great! 2 days it's ok, maybe sooner

It's done! If something has to be changed, let me know. Thanks!

Hey @gaitan can you please submit a pull request to the master branch please? I will commit it from there.

Thanx in advance :)

Great work @gaitan :)

Payment sent.

Thank you again gaitan and I hope we can work on future projects together! :)

Thank you! Untill next time! :)

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