Writing and Riding the Waves

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"Long live the imagination!" - me

One of my favourite things in the world is writing fiction. And reading, of course. But there's something special about a story that births itself in your head, the characters coming to life on their own terms, dictating the story in surprising ways.

The past few days I've been getting some great work done on my manuscripts. I'm querying one novel to literary agents, and have another ready to go for querying and to submit to Pitchwars later this month.

I've been less present on the blockchain lately, but I'm still checking in and here to cheer y'all on. This is just a quick note to say I'm not going anywhere. ;)

UPDATE: Thank you to those of you who read my last post and reached out with kindness. My kitty is home and feeling much better. Hooray!

Peace. @katrina-ariel

Katrina Ariel

Author bio: Katrina Ariel is an old-soul rebel, musician, tree-hugging yogini, and mama bear to twins. Author of Yoga for Dragon Riders (non-fiction) and Wild Horse Heart (romance), she's another free-spirit swimming in the ocean of life. Check out her music here: https://choon.co/artists/katrina-ariel/

Dragon art commissioned from Liiga Smilshkalne.

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Good to read you had the tide with you and were able to create some great work. Will you keep us posted about the status with the agents?

Hang loose wavewriter🤙

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Yes! I'll definitely keep you posted on my progress surfing the waves of the publishing industry. ;) Thanks so much!

That is such a gift you have love, the beautiful words you manage to put down in writing and your imagination.
You are a inspiration in so many ways, and I missed you alot... but love how happy you are and so much changes you made.
Taking in a beautiful dog from a shelter, and made her days 😊 learned from it and I know you Will find the right dog for you one Day 🤗
Worked on your house and your writing.
Also sooo glad that beautiful Toby is doing well 😍

Stay as you are @katrina-ariel 🤗❤️🌹 much love to You!

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Thank you for your kind words and constant encouragement. And yay for a healthy kitty and the foster puppy getting her forever home! Much love, sweet Saffisara. ❤️

Kitty? I must have missed something, but yay for being home and feeling better! And yay for getting your author on! 🎉

Yay indeed! ;) Things got scary, then got good. Riding the waves, right? I hope you're doing well. Thanks for the thoughtful comment. ❤️

I'm glad to hear about kitty! Nice to see that you're making progress with some writing, too. Keep us posted!

Thanks so much! :) I'll update as I can. The publishing industry can be molasses slow, but steady does it. Steem on!

awesome .. glad to hear that kitty is home.. cause i'm betting kitty feeling better has mom being relieved.

Enjoy some !SHADE 2

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You're so right! Happy kitty, happy mommy... I mean, the kids are a different story, but the cat sure helps. ;) Thank you for your support!

Wish you the very best with your novels, Princess :)

Thanks so much, Robert. I wish you and your family the best as well!

I am glad that your Kitty is back home!
Surf’s up 🏄‍♀️ at North Shores for sure! Aloha, @katrina-Ariel! 🤙

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Aloha! And mahalo. So nice to have my sweet Toby cat feeling himself again.

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