Learning how to write: step 1 take lessons

in writing •  6 months ago

I don't think I ever took proper writing class. I mean I pretty much learn everything I know from school, which doesn't teach you how to write books or poetry. I learned grammar, conjugation, orthography... but not how to express my feelings, describe my dreams, create accurate characters...

Practice and study

I haven't been the most regular writer for a while. I want to change that and practice more. But I also need to study: read and read and read again. I am slowly getting back on that. I actually do miss spending hours reading in peace.

I also started to look at writing class online. I found some videos and I am playing with the idea of taking classes at some point. For now I am going to finish this class by Brandon Sanderson (I didn't know him before finding his class):

So yeah let's get to work. If you have some tips, feel free to share. I am also a member of #freewrite every now and then. I will try to join more the daily writing tasks.

Photo by Niketh Vellanki on Unsplash

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Ha, writing! My first love.
I used to write a lot ; I would spend hours typing or handwriting without interruption; it was my favourite way of expressing myself. I was reading a lot too. But for some reasons, I kind of abandoned this discipline... but sometimes I feel the urge to go back to it. As if it was a calling. But I don't read that much anymore, and so I don't have substance anymore. But, like you, I want to practice again, more and more...
I've never considered taking lessons... but that's a great idea!
I hope you will find the passion, the patience, and the pleasure. :)