Love yourself and be loved

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Humans are made to love and be loved, but how can you truly be in love and fully receive the love people give, if you can’t love yourself? Loving yourself is quite easy when you understand how simple it can be especially in a world where we are made to believe loving yourself first is selfish and narcissistic.
Falling in love with yourself has one golden rule which is “fall in love with your body, flaws, virtues, with each and everything that awakens your passion”.
First and foremost you must feel confident in your own skin and be beautiful to yourself. You must see in your particular perception, you must become what you want to feel and ultimately build on your give yourself love by doing what you love. Look at the mirror and say to yourself, I love you, you are unique, beautiful and that’s a start. Love who you are, love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that, they can see confidence, they can see self esteem and naturally people gravitate towards you- Lilly Singh.
Loving yourself should always be your own priority; it’s an essential part of life in order to be happy. By loving yourself, you not only appreciate yourself, you become the best version of yourself and when you do this, you create some kind of mystical positive energy around you. You simply flourish with this. The best part of learning to love yourself is that you become good at loving. Obviously you can’t give out what you don’t have and even when you are able to do this in few cases, it never feels the same as loving yourself and loving others. Let go of competition and avoid comparing yourself to other people; forget all about the people you see as being perfect. No one is truly perfect. They are simply happy people who have accepted themselves the way they are and work towards loving themselves and loving others, you too can be this happy and feel loved if you start loving yourself first.
Loving yourself comes with an increased self awareness; you become sensitive to your own needs, knowing when to take a break from work, when to have enough rest, the kind of food you would rather have etc, this increases your general wellbeing and the feeling of wellness.
Life can be very overwhelming, with so many challenges that one has to deal with, many times leading to feeling of frustration, sadness, anxiety, depression, feeling insecure, neglect and lack of love. The first step in combating situations like this, love you first. No matter the cause of your sadness, depression etc, you have to realize this. “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to yourself to get anything done in this world” - Lucille Ball
Self love is an essential part of a successful life, it’s the foundation of all our relationships, accepting that you are not perfect, accepting and embracing that you have flaws which are an essential part of who you are is self-love. Stop judging and criticizing yourself, avoid being a prisoner to circumstances. Express your feelings and honor the true you in every situation, be adventurous and spontaneous as well. Love is freedom and you deserve to give to yourself part of it. When you love yourself, you let go of loneliness and you embrace a deeper connection and sense of oneness with the world. Appreciate your desire, your body, your boundaries, whatever that is there with love and acceptance. While biblically we are told loving our neighbors is the greatest of all, we can argue that self love is the most important form of it whilst loving our neighbors is the greatest. It’s hard to see a sad and bitter individual with zero love for self, genuinely loving another. Misery is associated with self hate. Self love and hate impacts on how you treat others.
Create a positive environment and breathe life into yourself, by behaving in a positive manner; we experience growth and increase self confidence and belief.
When you live a life of self love, you are generally happy; people like to be in the company of a self confident and happy person. No one would want to spend time with someone who puts them self down and is always sad. Love yourself and people will love you. You don’t have to please everybody, you don’t need to prove yourself to others, just be your own self. Loving yourself can take you through adversities.
Love yourself for the benefit of others, you can better love, you can better relate, you can better connect, you can better take good care of others when you love yourself. Loving you helps create compassion towards the plight of others. Learn to develop a caring and genuine loving relationship with yourself and see things changing in your life. Empowering your mind, appreciation, love for others, freedom and genuine happiness comes when you start loving yourself.
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The rule to loving others is to first love yourself. After Food, Shelter and clothing, Love ia a basic necessity of Life Man cannot do without.

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