Time and tide

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So you were probably in a cab headed towards home after a hard day's job and most definitely reminiscing over your endless hardships....
Life hasn't be fair so far despite the strive and today in particular wasn't any different.
The weight's been unbearable, while the flare to live has long been dashed; nothing seems appealing anymore as depression comes knocking...
Thoughts run wild, the heart fails, and slowly the body wears off.
finally, you're giving up

Oh well, it's never too late as there's still a lot of time to set things right....
How about we try a little patience, knowing we're on a queue with lots of steps yet to be made right there, ahead of us; you take a look at your neighbour, and begin to wonder "how does he possibly make it through when i barely even have the grace to hold my head up"
Ever pondered about the hills he had to climb or perhaps, the valley through which he threaded?
How much more have you done that it's worth giving up?
Probably not enough to be written on the sands of time just yet....
Time and tide must have it's way for the cycle to be completed; you just have to hold on to the ground else you get swept away by the tide.

Though the hurdles gets rough and the tide keeps tumbling, life's still up to have it's way.
Thanks lots for reading.

Dedicated to me, and and anyone else who needs this.

Much love;


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This is really credible, thanks @tts

Thank you sharing this powerful yet encouraging message, I definitely needed to read this today. You have been a blessing in disguise.
Very gracious day to you.

Thanks lots dear..... Glad this means something to you, stay blessed

You have made my day. Awesome piece.

Awwn... That sounds positive; it's a thumbs up from me

U really do know how to encourage someone.....i like this

Thanks bro

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is beautiful (y)

Thanks friend

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