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AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I woke up, with pale skin and a strong chill, I managed to get out of that nightmare. My mother, always worried about me, when she heard that scream, ran to my room, asked me if I was feeling well, I answered that I had only had a bad dream. He asked me what kind of dream I had had. I told him that I had a horrible nightmare, I had dreamed that some aliens had experimented with me, but that it felt very real. My mother told me to calm down, that it had been a bad dream.

At dawn I fixed my clothes to go to university, when I closed my eyes the images of that dream returned to my mind, and for a few seconds I could feel its needles and machines penetrating my skin. At that time I began to doubt if it really was a dream or not. I went to the kitchen for breakfast, I was very excited because my mother prepared some incredible breakfasts, when my mother placed the food on the table, the smell that distilled provoked sickness in me, just thinking about trying the food would surely cause a great disaster of vomiting on the floor. My saddened mother asked me why I did not want to eat, I answered that I was not hungry and left the house.

When I arrived at the university I felt like a strong pain harassed my between my legs, I could feel how that pain gradually increased to such an extent that it became unbearable. My girlfriend Bethany approached me and asked me if I was okay, I could not hide my agony and with a weakened voice I told her that something strange was happening to me, that I felt a lot of pain in my leg. I told him about my nightmare and the strong feeling I had that maybe it had been real. I returned home, since my conditions did not even allow me to stand.

Telling the nightmare to my girlfriend

I arrived home and without thinking twice I fell on my bed, assuming that sleeping would relieve my pain. When I woke up I felt like a new man, the pain was gone and I thought that bad time was over. When I got up I noticed a strange tumult under my pants, I took off my pants and was surprised to see that my penis was a size that I had never had before. It was immense, I thought maybe the nightmare had a connection with this new discovery, therefore I started to feel fear. I felt my penis throb as if it had a life of its own. I must confess that I was curious to see what it was like to have sex with this new penis. So I called my girlfriend to come home.

When my girlfriend arrived, I did not tell her about the new proportions of my penis. We started the sexual act and she tells me that she feels something different, I answered that she also felt something different, at that moment I felt the most terrible pain I had ever felt, blood started to come out of the girl's vagina while I penetrated her, I removed my penis from inside and I saw that my penis was divided in two, open from side to side, my girlfriend did not stop screaming, I started to bleed and lose balance because of the immense trauma I felt. I looked up and saw my girlfriend's belly begin to rise, it grew more and more and then it exploded, throwing blood and pieces of flesh all over the room, in that moment I saw how a larval creature came out of its belly, the creature gave a shrill scream and began to devour my girl's face. Motionless with pain, I could only watch her frightful end. I knew that after my turn to die would come, I found that such a nightmare was real and that it had been the experiment of those aliens.

Final remember

A little bit of my imagination for all my dear readers, I hope you liked it, if so, tell me, encourage me to continue writing.


nice. short enough to keep my interest (ADHD)
and ample pictures. great layout.

Thanks for your comments!!!
I appreciate your valuable comment

I like the suspense... Alien stories continues to be a fascinating story everywhere. Begs the question Does alien truly exists?? Or just sone fantasy some people created.

Thanks for your comment my friend!!!.. personally, I think they are real ... there are many evidences that prove it ... it is only a matter of time before the truth comes out.

Really! Well, time will tell!

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