Disintegrated in time

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Greetings, dear readers, excuse my inactivity regarding stories. I am encouraged and eager to share my imagination with all of you again.


In this profession there are no errors. The smallest carelessness could cost me existence. Today is my last mission, the most important one. I'm Jon, I'm 50 years old, I've never thought about having a wife or children, for me it's a waste of time. I'm a policeman, but not any policeman. I do not lose my hours in a corner waiting for any idiot to take your money, no, believe me, in my work there is no room to waste time.

I do not know what keys will be played on this last mission, but I have a strange discomfort. Today I remembered how I got to this job. They have come to my memories of that day when I decided to take justice into my own hands; The day my father died, a very acclaimed scientist. I can not ignore the memory of 30 years ago: I, young, unaware of many truths, seeing a strange man leave the roof of what was then my home. I see myself running to find my father and finding his limp body on the floor.

-Dad! - I cried desperately without getting an answer, trying, in my despair, to find a reason and sooner rather than later I would understand that no matter how hard I tried to find the culprit, nobody would help me, are the authorities so incompetent to help me?

He needed justice and I convinced myself that I was the only one who could give it to him. I spent the days thinking how, while the memory of that person running away from my house, I was absorbing and absorbing. He only thought of his black leather clothes and gloves, with a grudge he had never before glimpsed.

One fine day an old friend of the family came home, he gave me his condolences and offered me an opportunity that I could not resist.

-Jon, I know you're going through difficult times and I admire the strength you've shown. I've seen you grow up, I know what you're capable of, that's why I came to offer you to belong to a police squad.

-I'm sorry doctor, but I do not want to be a policeman.

-Son, it's not like any policeman. It will bring you closer to your father's murderer than you think.

-And what do I have to do? - I asked incredulously.

-You must start the training, then there will be time to explain the rest.

The next day I arrived at the place where that friendly doctor called me. In the place there were about 30 more people, I thought that they also came to begin the training. They did a lot of physical and mental tests. Every day the training became harder, but they still did not tell me what kind of organization I was getting into. Two years passed and of those 30 people there were only 5, among those I ... of course.

-Guys!, we know that these years have been difficult. They have stood out and we want to congratulate them for their effort. The time has come to tell you what your work will be within this organization. Two years ago we created the journey in time and we came to the conclusion that as owners of this magnificent technology we have the duty to make a better world. A world without wars, without dictators, a world of peace. The present determines what will happen in the future and we believe that the past can determine the present. We can avoid nefarious crimes before they happen, eliminate people who will cause great harm to humanity. Obtaining a better present, guaranteeing a world of peace. Your job will be to travel through time and avoid certain events. You can do it?

-Yes sir!

That's how my life began as a guardian of time. A profession that forbids me to have a family or any kind of relationship. Sometimes I wonder if this profession made me a slave of time. In these 30 years, I have prevented a large number of crimes, more than any other guardian. I am exhausted of not having a past, of not having present and in short, of not having a future. To lack a life of their own. For that reason, I have decided to retire from this office and start to see time as any other person: one day at a time.

I feel nervous about my last mission but satisfied with having made great changes in the world. I go to the doctor's office (my boss) and knock on the door.

-Jon, go ahead.

-Thank you Doctor. Do you have the instructions?

-Yes, they are on the desk.

-What do I have to do this time?

-Jon, I must tell you that this will be your most difficult mission. You must eliminate the inventor of a technology that in a few years will be misused ... They will create a biological weapon so powerful that it will kill millions of people in the world. This technology was created 30 years ago.

When I see the folder of the instructions, I see carefully the name of my objective. It was my father. I was stunned to realize it. How is it possible that my father's murderer can be me? How can I have caused so much suffering in myself?

-I can not do it doctor.

-The lives of millions of people depend on you.

-I do not want to become the person I hated the most in my entire life.

-The choice is yours.

I start to say in my mind that I would. I will do it. Yes, I will do it. I go to the time machine, I program the date to which I will teleport. I close my eyes and when I open them, I am in the city of 30 years ago and I quickly look for my house, because there is no time to lose.

I enter through the back door and there I see, once again, my father, intelligent and at the same time innocent of all the destruction that his intellect could cause. I take a deep breath and approach him.

-Who are you? - he ask me.

-Forgive me.

I take out my gun and hit him in the head. At that moment I hear someone entering, so I look for another way out. I climb the stairs that lead to the roof, when I walk out the roof I see myself entering the house. My young version looks up and manages to see me.

-I can end this cycle right now - I think with conviction.

I take my gun and shoot at my young self and I have time to see it fall to the ground.

  • Now I'm free - I think.

Immediately my body begins to disintegrate. The timeline was modified and is being realigned.

-I'm free- I think- I'm finally free.

I hope you liked it, if so, comment and support me. Your valuable comments encourage me to continue sharing my stories with all of you.


Nice twist, @jonsnoww. I enjoyed this story, keep writing.

Thanks Bro... you always support Me xD . . . thanks!!!.. .

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

of course my friend!!.. thanks for comment!

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