Plague ...Part 11

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Sarah and I were forced to shelter in place in my tiny Victorian village on the outskirts of Toronto while the plague ravaged the continent and a million people had already died.

In the midst of this pandemic ,we learned through Sarah's best friend, Hanna, that there was a government cover-up occuring in which a cabal had inflitrated top echelons of the U. S. Congress and were using the medical emergency to further their own nefarious agenda.

We were trying to make sense of it all and in the course of our discussions she had been inquiring about my own bacground in the cults.

She was still processing what I already disclosed about my occult experinces and I could see her furrowed brow as she struggled with the details of what I said, trying to make sense of it in her own head.

"So, I suppose your ability to discern spirits enabled you to perceive the presence of demonic forces behind the government cover-up?"

I winced at her words.

"You know just hearing you say that makes the whole thing seem so outlandish that I feel embarrassed, but I'm not parroting some crackpot conspiracy theory about one world government and the number 666―I've experienced the demonic before and once you've known it, the signs of its presence are unmistakable."

"I know, Grant," she reassured me, "I know you feel vulnerable and defensive about your past cult involvement, but it helps me to know the enemy, if only to comfort Hanna whenever she reaches out to me for support. Right now she and her father are hunkered down somewhere and like us, I'm sure she's trying to work through all the ramifications of this plot."

"It must be particularly hard for her," I coinceded, "I mean with her father being the Canadian Defence Minister and being thrust into the front lines of this conspiracy."

"You said you have Word of Knowlege giftings too―how does that help make sense of this situation?"

I took a deep breath―this one might be even harder to explain.

"Word of Knowledge giftings can be confused with Psychic foreknowlege and sometimes they are abused and create the appearance of some sort of spiritual ESP. There was a lot of that type of excess in the Latter Rain Movement and especially surrounding the Kansas City Prophets."

Sarah nodded knowingly. "That's unfortunate when genuine spiritual experiences become contaminated with their counterfeits."

"That's good," I smiled, "You really do understand. And that's why Word of Knowledge is so important―because I immediately sensed that although there was a demonic aspect ot the government cover-up, it wasn't systemic or a widespread conspiracy but limited to a small group of men―maybe just one man in particular who had the President's ear."

Sarah breathed a huge sigh of relief. "That's encouraging because it confirms what Hanna told me. She said her father didn't think the President was aware of what was happening. The official he was talking to on the phone, a senator called Stone Fergus, mocked the President calling him, 'a useful idiot', and disparaging his competency."

"Well, at least we know it's not an end time event or part of the Apocalypse―but I wonder what Fergus' agenda actually is?"

"I think it has to do with the shelter in place legislation―that's what Fergus was so strident about."

A thought suddenly occurred to me. "Actually, this whole thing is starting to fall into place. They said at a news conference that the virus was aerolized―capable of being spread through the air―hence the need for everyone to stay indoors."

"So, you're thinking that's how they intend to carry out their plans―some kind of coup maybe?"

"Sounds likely," I nodded. You know, I'm beginning to wonder which hidden enemy is worse―the plague or the cabal?"

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She was still procexssing

I guess you made up a word, meaning, going through the procedure of getting rid of the ex - husband or wife (procexssing) but it does not make sense within the context I find it

Okay, it was a typo - my hands are big and clumsy - probably from playing too much hockey in my youth and now it's left me rough and banging things around the house and banging out letters on a keyboard that is better than a cell phone but could be bigger still to accomodate my fingers. "Processing" in the sense of a computer digesting data meaning Sarah was struggling to find the connection between my background in the cults and how that led me to the conclusion that the cabal was demonically energized.