Andromeda, a novel by Joe Nobel, Part 32 - three girls can't handle 2 guys if they are a sex crazed general and a sex crazed god

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You don't have to start from the beginning. Just hop in bed and join the fun.

 Scenes like this played themselves out night after night. Uri took his pleasure from his girls when he woke fresh in the morning, then again before retiring to bed at night. Odin would come to them just as they were falling asleep. Then he started making appearances during the day as well, while General Konstantine was off running the military affairs of this subdued country.

 Gone was the pretext that Odin was a creature the of shadowy dream times once they found him in full daylight sitting on a window sill of the living room looking out over People’s Republic Road. From then on, he came whenever he chose. And he came whenever he chose. Both of which were far too often for the girls’ wherewithal.

 He used the strange power to be with each of them at the same time, somehow splitting reality or using some other god-like trick to create the effect. After a while, the girls didn’t care what kind of magic or godly power he used to accomplish this otherwise notable miracle. To them, it was just another sign of his limitless stamina that was aimed directly at them.

 They'd eat their breakfasts quickly, if they had a chance. They bathed quickly for they knew Odin could show up any time, without warning. They did their household chores quickly, or sometimes not at all; picking up in haste moments before Uri would make his entrance at night.


 Once Odin found out that their master amused himself by spanking the girls on their pussies with a ruler he was beside himself with heated lust, eager to try this sport for himself. So the girls, already past sore, had to acquiesce to Odin’s new amusement.

 “What is it with men,” Lidumila fumed on a rare moment when they were by themselves, “are they all into bondage?”

 “I dunno,” Anna answered, “it sure looks like it to me. I can’t remember a time when guys didn’t want to tie me up. Even my guy before Uri, he liked to tie me up and tease me.”

 Her thoughts went back to Andy Locket. She wondered why he hadn’t tried to rescue her, surely he’d have found out where she was being held by now, with all his contacts and everything. But there hadn’t been even a word from him. Then she wondered if he really did sell her out to Uri. Suspicions of his betrayal her had shifted the gamut in her years under General Konstantine’s slavery. At times, in her mind, she defended him emphatically. At others, she brooded over how he could have been so uncharacteristically sloppy and given her away when he knew the phones were being monitored? How could he have not done it on purpose? After all, there aren’t that many phones in this backwards land for the authorities to keep track of.

 “Anna, if your god comes back today for more, I don’t know what I can do,” Liudmila whined, bringing Anna out of her thoughts. “Can you talk to him, or something?”

 “My god!” Anna snapped back. “It wasn’t my doing that conjured him up. That was all you!”

 “Me!” Liudmila yelled. “I wasn’t the one who changed the ceremony. That was your doing!”

 “Was not!” Anna hissed as she stamped her foot.

 “Hey, cut it out, you two,” Aida shouted from the other room.

 “You know something. It was your fault, Aida!” Liudmila yelled.

 “What! Don’t blame me for your god, Liudmila,” Aida said as she marched into the room. “And, you should be the one to talk to him, not poor Anna. And you should take him on all by yourself because it was your magic —”

 “You changed the summoning all around!” Liudmila screamed at Aida.

 “— and now he’s your god! And, you know what, Liudmila? You’re the biggest cum slut and pain slut that ever walked on all fours. To think, I used to admire you and wanted to be just like you.”

 “Oh, yeah! Well, you didn’t say that for all those years when you couldn’t wait to get into bed with me so I could show you how. Well guess what, I didn't need to show you how!”

 “Stop it!” Anna yelled. She stepped between then when it looked like either one could start throwing punches. “Can’t you see? He’s doing this to us on purpose! He’s enjoying every minute of it, watching us at the edge of our nerves. Liudmila, doesn’t your mother’s book have anything to ward off freaky old, horny gods?”

 “I can try something, but I don’t know if it will work. He’s too powerful,” Liudmila said quietly. “I’m sorry I snapped at you Anna. And I’m sorry Aida. You really wanted to be like me?”

 “Yeah,” Aida said. “And I’m sorry for what I said. You don’t walk on all fours.”

... to be continued ...

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