Why I took a break from writing....

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This past 2 weeks I have done next to no writing at all. When I did do some finally, I didn't post it but instead stored it safely on my computer for updating later. There's been a reason for this that I hadn't quite been able to put my finger on until today when I was chatting with Laura.


I created a website called Jeremy's BackPocket in which I will be sharing my posts on as well as here on Steemit. I thought it would be a good idea to have my own platform to post so I would build my own little self-hosted portfolio. I think it's a good idea that offers me a lot more freedom than posting on a platform like Steemit does. I wanted the most basic website template I could find that was clean and minimalist. Although there are some fantastic wordpress designs out there that layout your site in a newsy or magazine style, this isn't what I wanted.

I wanted to keep it simple because all it had to be was a place for me to share my thoughts and write without worry, just as I do here on Steemit. Having a platform like this has been great as it offers a no-strings-attached platform to share your thoughts and opinions. Due to this, I am able to write my posts very quickly, often times within the space of 30 minutes without much thought. The best way I can describe this is like a 'stream of consciousness' where you just write what comes into your mind in the moment. I am doing this right now as I type this.

When I created my website, even though it was very low-key and presented in the minimalist fashion I wanted, it deterred me from putting anything out. I suddenly felt this pressure to write things in a very perfect and proper fashion. For some reason, just because I now had this website, I felt I had to change my whole style of writing. Of course, I don't have to do this, but it was more simply just a very interesting feeling to observe.

I felt similarly when I first started writing here on Steemit, and I outline this in my post 2 months ago entitled Steemit Made Me Not Like Writing.

It's always good to do a little course correction and analyse the reasoning why you may start and stop things at certain times. Understanding why you do (or don't do) certain things make them much simpler and more manageable, otherwise it can often feel like a mess that you just procrastinate from addressing.

I will look forward to writing more often as I once did from a refreshed and more enjoyable perspective.

Thank you for reading!

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Hey @jeremyc, great to hear from you again!! Quick question: Is your website going to come before your Steemit profile? Or you're going to produce entirely different sets of content for each platform :)

Hey Aaron! Same content, or at least very similar :) How you been brother?

I'm doing great @jeremyc! Currently working on my podcasts :)