IMPORTANT for Newbies : Getting Your First Post Out

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One thing that is common with all social platforms is that it can be challenging to get your first post out, even more, it is difficult to make a post that is a hit. So I may be a newbie like most of you, but I have been blogging and using social platforms like this for a while. I know how it feels when your posts do not receive any attention, let's face it, social media is about getting noticed!

So here are fewer pointers of getting your first post out there:

  1. Have something to say. Originality is better but reposting something interesting you saw somewhere works excellent too.

  2. Post whatever interests you, its much more fun that way

  3. Look around and see what others are posting and the reactions they are getting.

  4. Use that short survey to tailor your content but remember to stick to the things that interest you.

  5. Make use of images and gifs, especially gifs they spice up everything.

  6. Dive in and swim already.

  7. Enjoy, social platforms are for your enjoyment.

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Thank you for reading it.


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I think this is great advice! Writing about things that interest you is the most important part about blogging. If you are truly interesting in what you are writing about, your audience will feel that! :)


yes, Indeed. If you got interest on a topic then the best article will come out of you without any doubt.

This is really a great short advice for newbbes like you said and it should help a lot for them


Thanks for your appriciation.