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I'm just an ordinary girl. Just like any other girl out there.
I also have a tough man. Best. Everything in my life.
And often I call it papa. Yesterday. When dusk disappears. Accompanied by the wind and followed by heavy rain. There was one serious conversation between me and fhader. This time it's not me talking. But daddy.
His brown eyes. With hair that is no longer bushy. He says. When do you want to get married? Questions that may be raised on a girl who is old enough.
I am quiet. Smile. Papa also smiled. Very sweet. It was the most enchanting smile I saw in the millions of men in the world. "Choose only pa". I replied wistfully.
"What do you want?" he said with the smile. "Which according to papa good". Dad no longer said. He just smiled. This time it's sweeter.
He did not ask why he should be chosen by him. Why not look for yourself. Is not this not the time of Siti Nurbaya again?

I do not care. If according to papa he is the right. I'm ready even though I've never known him. I am ready to be a complement to his life. And ready to serve my whole life to him. If it's true he's the one who chose daddy, no matter how. I'm sure he's a good guy. Because I ask you to pick it with someone who according to papa good.


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