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RE: Writer's Therapy #3 - What's your process?

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i tried to read/write in bus/train but its hard for my eyes- tiring too fast . Usually i prefer to write at morning while i have a lot of power or at night before sleep, because at night i got some thought while im almost asleep and its good time to write it down :) may be its something like meditation state for me.


Writing before I sleep is also something I've started to do recently. I'm getting some really strange dreams! Does that happen to you too? Mornings are also good, but I'm usually too busy. So I'm learning to zone out the noise and write on the bus.

its all depends usually i dont have a weird dreams, so all good for me :) at Morning usually im trying to free 1 hour to plan my work/day or write something , before all work and computer :) Because if im in computer or mobile phone there is many disturbing things and its hard to focus . Sometimes i use strategy of no internet in computer it helps me to create video and texts content :) you can try this technique too ;)

I really need to try that technique. So many distractions. That's a great suggestion!