Theory or Conspiracy? Those "Clouds" in the Sky.

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I spent a lot of time outside as a kid. Pretty much as much time as I could.

You know what's missing from every single picture of my childhood?



There were those that looked like a tiny tail behind the plane, dissapating briefly after, not lasting more than a few seconds after the plane went by. And there were those where the "tails" were a bit longer, maybe taking as long as a minute or two to go away.

I remember them so clearly.

I don't know how long it's been since I first noticed the difference in our skies. But one day I looked up and asked, "Since when is the sky white?! Look! Not a single cloud, but the sky isn't blue."

I remember how uncomfortably weird it was. And I watched. It was coming from the planes.


They don't go away anymore. If you have a few minutes and you happen to see a plane out doing this, just watch for a while. They don't go away, they just get bigger. Until you get new "clouds" in the sky that did not exist on the cloud charts of our childhood.


This little gem is from AirlineWorld Word Press. Because that isn't the least bit obvious.

There are still people who will fight to the bitter end, refusing to believe that the government would allow the military and/or private companies to spray our skies with anything. Especially without public knowledge!

They forget Flint Michigan. They forget Waco Texas. They forget Philidelphia. Bill Clinton apologized for government experimentation on the public without their knowledge. Do you really think they stopped?

Those people suffer from a refusal to accept the truth, perhaps willingly, perhaps a bit of cognitive dissonance. But the truth is so easy to find if you want to find it.

Allow me to introduce you to Weather Modification Incorporated.

These guys are based out of Fargo, North Dakota. Their phone number is 1-701-235-9717 just in case you'd like to give them a call.

This is a list of their clients and projects here in the United States. Take special note of who they are. These are government entities.


These are the clients and projects this company has going throughout the rest of the world.


Oh yes. And, if you are not interested in paying them to do the job for you, they will sell you the whole fucking plane, and the supplies.

Or, say you already have a plane. No problem! They can outfit it for you, they can modify their chemical sprayers to any plane you like.


To FAA Standards. This isn't a theory. This is life.

And this is just one company. There are others out there. I found this one as well.

SOAR operates out of Witchita Texas.

Contact Number: +1 806-445-4505

The West Texas Weather Modification Association does not give any contact information on their page, but they have a very detailed list of operations on the link provided. SOAR is listed as one of their groups.

I have spoken with the folks at Weather Modification Inc. on several ocassions, and they constantly point their finger at the Military. It couldn't possibly be them!

And this type of stuff is just one method of messing with our skies. Have you ever seen a Hole Punch Cloud? I saw one driving to work one day. Only time in my entire life I have ever seen one, and it scared the ever loving shit out of me. They look like this.

image from "The Why Files"

These come from a little thing you may have heard of, HAARP. Yup. The Air Force Admitted to using HAARP to control the weather.

Some will say "But HAARP has been dismantled!!!". Well, they restarted experiments back in 2017.

I have provided you with facts. You can take from them what you will. But, if you find yourself wanting to disbelieve it, I urge you to do your own research. You don't have to take my word for it.

The government admits to weaponizing the weather as far back as the Vietnam war in #OperationPopeye.

The information is out there for anybody who wants it. Ignorance is a choice. Which choice do you want to make?

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Thank you so much for putting this on the blockchain Hickory, great article. You definitely know where I stand on the #geoengineering issue. Crime against humanity and all life on Earth.


Yes! Who do these people think they are, making decisions that affect everybody and everything without a care in the world what us "little people" think or feel.

You can't even enjoy a sunny day anymore, those planes are coming through.

wow, crazy shit yeah.. Thanks @tobixen for pointing them out from the pictures of my last post, you are so right, I didn't even notice them or at least give them any special attention, cause we've really gotten so used to seeing them..!
Makes me want to check out my childhood photos too!

Very interesting. I was reading recently about Volkswagen using hail canons in Mexico which caused drought for local farmers. Even car manufacturers are altering the weather. Who'd've thought?
Can I suggest you change one of your tags to informationwar. You might get a decent vote from the informationwar crew.


I had not heard about the Volkswagen thing, but totally believe it! California is in major drought, with all the spaying happening East of there is it any mystery as to why?

And thank you! I switched a tag over!


I'm not sure if it makes a difference to them finding your post but just in case take the s off the end of informationwar in your tags.

Coincidentally, the neighbour post in my feed - finally I hiked the mountain top I've been looking at for 4 years by @frejafri also showed contrail stripes.

We had a cabin nearby the airport, and I turned it into my home in my youth. I vaguely remember to have seen long-lasting contrails in my childhood and youth as well.

The reason for contrail stripes to be more widely seen may as well be that there are more flights now than earlier.

Weather there is a conspiracy going on or not, it doesn't really matter; the fact that it has become completely normal to see contrail stripes when looking up is quite telling - there is really too much traffic up there.


That's a good point! However, if you look up on a busy sky day, there will be some planes leaving trails that stay, and some planes whose trails dissapate immediately both flying the same sky, the same day.

Also, in my youth I lived in Blaine, MN. Blaine has its own airport. We were also only a 40 minute drive to Minneapolis International Airport, and we were a direct fly over between Ft. Ripley and Saint Paul.

So even in my youth the skies I experienced were very full.

And oh my gosh! That hike is gorgeous!!!


That's a good point! However, if you look up on a busy sky day, there will be some planes leaving trails that stay, and some planes whose trails dissapate immediately both flying the same sky, the same day.

The differences could be depending on the height and type of airplane.

I find it very hard to believe ordinary commercial traffic used for other purposes than ferrying passengers and cargo without a lot of people knowing ... though, maybe it's possible through fuel additives. As far as I know, "Jet A1" airplane fuel is used only for aviation purposes.

Then again, the additives has to pass the fuel line, including fuel filters, as well as combustion, with neither the additives or the jet engines being harmed. Is that possible? I don't know.

I see one possible purpose: mitigating greenhouse effect. Much easier to do it without a public discussion.


They have been spraying the skies for years. It's all weather manipulation.
Look closely at your surroundings. Trees are dying. Fires are burning out of control (the composition of nanoparticles sprayed are the same in thermite.
The damage they are doing with ionosphere heaters and heavy metal particulates are far worse than anything humañs using fossile fuels could do in a million years.
HOW TO STOP GREENHOUSE GASES? PLANT TREES. Amazing how stupid people have become. Spray crap that kills life or plant trees.


Water vapor vanishes within moments. What you see lingering in the air is not water vapor. If you do enough research you will come to learn that jet engines were re-engineered and stopped producing vapor trails in the 70's. What is lingering making blue skies gray is part of the SAI programs. Stratospheric Aerosol Injections. The longer people deny and ignore it the less of a chance we have to save life. It will kill every living thing including the planet. Please educate yourself and others.
There are patents. Keywords: David Keith, nano particulates lithium dispersements
John Brennan discussed it in a speech to the CFR.
More planes? Planes have strict flight patterns not X or # in the sky. Pay attention!!!

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Watch this and be truly scared

Mike Morales promotes Jim Lee's site
An interactive comprehensive site which is amazing

Would you be shocked if I told you there are facilities like HHARP all around the world? They even have them on ships.
The link I posted earlier will take you to Jim Lee's 3D climate viewer. Much time has gone into his work. His maps show all HAARP type facilities, nexrad stations, links to NASA maps, NOAH etc. all can be layered
Amazing work! I highly recommend.