Henry Gant, Man About Town, This episode: "Burner"

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I was reading Reddit earlier, on my daily travel through the internet before I have to get down to work. And I came across a writing prompt. Something like a bored Millionaire who hires two hit men to kill each other.
As usual, a story popped into my head. And by break time it was fully formed and I had to find the prompt again so that I could write it.

Well, here it is . . . My Title:


His current ‘burner’ phone rings: “Hey,” is his answer.

“Did you get a message?” Asks, Foreign Man.

“Yeah,” said, New York.

“What are you going to do?”

“Same as you, I’m taking the contract . . . That’s a lot of money to kill the second-best hitman,” says New York.

Foreign Man laughs. “That’s exactly what I think.”

“E Z money,” says New York.

“How sweet it is,” says Foreign man.

“Some people must just hate mediocrity,” says New York, “Not to change the subject or anything; but, where you at?”

“Oh, you know . . . traveling . . . going to look up an old friend.”

“Coming to America then, to see the big city. Sounds exciting; if not a little dangerous. You know what would be nice,” says New York.

“Tell me.”

“Old West . . . Spaghetti-Western type stuff. Duel in the desert. Face-off / quick-draw . . . winner take all.”

Foreign Man checks his watch. “I got to go soon, times almost up. You and your stupid hat would blend in pretty good out there.”

“That was a might unfriendly,” says New York, “I’m to start wearing spurs . . . so every time your phone rings you’re going to hear me coming.”

“See you around,” says, Foreign Man.”

“Not if I see you first,” says New York.

“Hey . . . New York”, says, Foreign Man, “. . . turn around.”

end of line



haha bet the New Yorker didn't see that coming lol

Yes, @purpledaisy . . . I don't think anyone saw that coming.

It was a good suspense haha I was thinking it would be New York to surprise the other lol

Saludos amigo @henry-gant. Muy buena e interesante tu historia dobre los dos mejores asesinos a sueldo

Gracias, me alegra que te haya gustado.

well, some people do say that it's bad to talk on the phones too long... seems like it's truth xD

I think something about the phone gave New York away.

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