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RE: OK, OK! I'll Tell You More Confessions About That Time I Accidentally Ended Up Working for a Drug Runner! (My End is Near!) 😩😬🤐

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Hey @laurenkavanagh :) I haven't talked to you in forever! I was just going through my old posts of my story and found this! I have finally finished the new chapter to this story so if you're curious about what ended up happening it's right here =D Hope you are doing well girl! <3


Hey @heart-to-heart :) I know it's been too long :(!! Oh yes, I've been waiting patiently for this day to come ;)... can't wait to read it I think I might even go back and read it from the beginning, Jog my memory ;)
And I'm doing great thank you for asking! Hope your having a ball in Bali xxx

Haha well I hope it lives up to your expectations ;) I can't believe how long it's been! :) I should reread it too and maybe find some of the stuff I forgot to tell ya'll <3

Always a ball in Bali, it's impossible not to <3 Have a great weekend!