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Again awesome. @thermoplastic, @leoplaw, @gric, @reinhard-schmid, do you know if there's any tag/discord channel/curating page that artists like "us" (surreal, biomech, sci-fi, dark, cyberpunk,... ) shall use? (sorry I don't like to define but...). Tags like cyberpunk or dark-art looks rather unused so far and big tags like art or steemartists are just too vague. Shall we agree to a new tag and try all together making it grow? How can we boost "our" community?


@haedre agree with you. Even I belong to kind of neo surrealism style..Some new interesting tag might help.

thanks @satisart. I think no so many people like to be define by one style/name/tag, so it seems actually good that it works with tags here as one might stick more to one or another. Hopefully the more and more we use tags that trend less, they could eventually get their way up.

@satisart and @haedre: idk - I have a hard time with pigeonholes. I actually identify with a group of Austrian artists, called "Vienna School of Fantastic Realism" - but a tag "fantastic realism" would be a rather lonely tag, since even a internet search does not bring any relative results (some, but otherwise, all over the landscape). If interested, you may check my essay THE VIENNA SCHOOL OF FANTASTIC REALISM - related, but different would be "Magic Realism" or "Imaginative Realism", but there you may find mostly illustrators from the tradition of Frazetta - check ILLUXCON for that. I am not too fond of the tags pop-surrealism or neo-surrealism. Sounds as if one tried to re-animate a dead corpse (and the "expert critics" had declared Surrealism dead multiple times over). I use surreal the odd time as a tag. Other tags such as steampunk, cyberpunk, sci-fi, biomech etc are too restrictive. I do encourage you to read my essay - the Viennese are not easily described, but have one thing in common: the balance between inspiration and reason, i.e. Apollo and Dionysus, and this separates them from the Surrealists.

Thanks for the instructive reply @thermoplastic. Yes, when writting the upper comment, I had momently forgot that no one wants to be defined. Altough, even as having quite a various range of works, from dark to not dark at all, space stuffs, cyber stuffs, B&W and coloured, illustrations, "art", "comics" ,... I need sometimes, in order to reach a very world scattered clientele, to slightly narrow, for example for correct website's keywords or when writing presentation texts for gigs. For platforms and curators it also need sometimes narrowing definitions in order to drag decent amount of viewers. So it is a bit of a never ending contradiction. Besides I can't agree more about the pop-surrealism, neo-, post- and other, like you called them "dead corpses-reanimating" tags :D . Aswell with biomech, sci-fi being restrictive, even error inducing (google sci-fi and you get a bunch of super-heroes stuff - What the hell? Is "Heavy Metal" dead :D ). We're all an amalgam of various influences and that's what makes us unique. So yeah the tags are maybe a quite good system and we just need to use the ones we want to see grow. I will definitely read your essay. Thank you for the links!

try googling Surrealist News - I once had it embedded on one of my blogs, but deleted it for all the crap that swamped that feed. But what is worse, is "Visionary Art" ....... OMG, how many unicorns, dolphins and fairies, in the style of "my little pony" with rainbows can you take before gagging.
To define Visionary Art, check out Blake.

rofl, hmm, unicorns ...
That Blake art is great tho, maybe very religious.. still what a work.
Thanks for all these links, got a pile to read ;)

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