The final experiment - Chapter 9 - Fiction

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Jack was just about to phone his colleague when his phone rang.  

“Jack, they have Lila.  She is being kept hostage in the main laboratory.  My source just informed me.”

Jack felt the blood rushing through his veins.  

“Dammit!  What the hell did you do Lila?! We need to get her out of there before it's too late. ”  

“Jack, it’s not going to be an easy task, we'll need an army. "

"I don't care what it takes.  We need to get her out.”

“I’ll put together a team ASAP. We’ll come over to your place tonight."

Jack felt absolutely numb.  He should never have listened to his parents.  He should have run away with Lila then none of this would have happened right now.  

It was still early but he grabbed a beer from the fridge and swallowed it down. 

He heard his phone and he had to sit down when he saw the text was from Lila's phone. 

"Hey, Jack. I'm going away for a few weeks. See you when I get back."  

Jack shuddered. This message was definitely not sent by Lila. She never called him Jack and always used a smiley emoji after a text. 

Jack phoned Lila's parents to tell them about the text and to invite them to their brainstorming session that evening. If this was the last thing that Jack had to do on earth, he was prepared. 

That evening Jack and the team including Lila’s parents worked out a strategic plan to get into the building. They were going to take on the government and nothing would ever be the same as it is now.   

Lila hated the daily examinations. She shut off her mind and thought about better days. She still couldn’t believe that they tricked her, and felt like the stupidest Aayala alive. 

A few days later Lila was moved to a different part of the laboratory. Jeff gave her an injection and she woke up a few hours later back in her room. Jeff came by an hour later and had a big smile on his face. He told Lila not to move so he tied down her arms again.  Lila felt totally helpless again and knew there was nothing she could do. In the last few days she had tried every possible exit but security was everywhere. 

 To be continued


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