The Wedding Dress - Foxtales week 9 contest entry

in writing •  11 months ago

image drawn by @vermillionfox

This is my entry for week 9 of the foxtales contest.

The Wedding Dress

She wasn't exactly a poor girl. At least she didn't see herself that way anymore. She did grow up poor. Her family barely had enough to put food on the table and keep her and her 3 brothers and 2 sisters clothed. They struggled a lot. She had been working since she was 16 to help out with the family, waiting tables. She eventually moved out, when she was 22. That was just last year. She still sent money back home. She sent as much as she could afford. She kept enough to pay her bills, and keep her clothed and fed. She didn't let her family know how much she still struggled to help them. She didn't think she needed any more. Now, she stood, just a girl alone, struggling to survive and keep her family alive, with no time for dreams or love, standing before a store window. In that window, stood a beautiful wedding dress, covered in lace and pearls. For but a moment, her heart took flight, and took a chance to dream.

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This made me cry.

Awww and this is my bedtime story now :'( Good night!


Have a lovely night.

you write well my friend, i know my upvote doesn't count for much, but i hope this gets more attention :)

Wow, that was beautiful. The imagery in my head, I wish you could have seen. Beautifully written, and so sad, but I​ felt it right through me.

I dont know why, but only person i can imagine being that girl, is Christine Lagarde.


I don't know why either. XD

But for some reason, I can kinda see it.


^^^ im not crazy lol

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I can't wait to hear more parts of this Micro Fiction , you can really take this story anywhere ; and the possibilities for creativity is endless !


Wow...I hadn't even thought about continuing it.

Would I do it as multiple small sections of her life? Or a longer "short" story that would explain more?

I assume by the way you said it, you mean multiple microfiction continuations. Like chapters, but microfiction stories.