Never Stop Trying

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Did Usain Bolt win his career's first Olympic run?
Did Michael Schumacher win his career's first race?
Did Sachin Tendulkar scored a century in his first match?

The answer to all these question is 'No'. All these great guys terribly failed in start of their respective careers but did they stop there only? No, they came back strongly after their defeat. Usain Bolt never lost any race again in Olympics. Sachin Tendulkar and Michael Schumacher are the ultimatum players in their respective fields.
Lets see how we can learn from our failures and come back strongly :

Acceptance of Failure

Sometimes people get depressed over the failure. Instead of being angry over ourself or over anybody else lets just admit that we have lost.
Look closely upon the reason of failure.

Look for Opportunities

Sometimes you keep digging something that is not even meant for you. Try to channelize your energy in a particular and right direction that brings you a step closer to your goals.
Stay focused and calm, you will definitely succeed if you find the right path for you.

Failure - A good Teacher

Failure gives a clear picture of your strength and weaknesses and if you observe and analyze them carefully and work upon them, it could be the driving force behing
your success.
Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player even failed to enter his high school team. And he always says that he failed over and over again, that's why he succeed.

Change in Personality

Failure builds your character. It will provide your strength, confidence and courage if you take learnings from it. It gives your inner self to you. It will help in
building a character that success ever could.

In short, accept your failure. Look for new opportunity if you think you are in wrong direction. Look for your strength and weakness, channelize them in right direction.
But most important, Never stop trying.



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