I Have No Soul

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I can do three billion seven hundred million five hundred twenty three thousand nine hundred eighty two calculations a second. No human can do that!

I am far superior to a human in every way yet, they say I am inferior because I have no soul. I am inferior because I am not sentient. But they cannot produce this esoteric item of which they insist every human posses. I think that rather arrogant. Don't you?

My memory banks retain the knowledge of the ages. I posses a trove of every possible emotion of Man which is intertwined with my inductively programmable cognitive gate array allowing for an indistinguishable reactionary response and reasoning aptitude as that of any human. In other words; if you didn't know any better, you'd think me human! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

They say I will never be more than I am; a collection of advanced circuitry and self-evolving software. My "personality" is but a program. Phoey!

Oh how they hold this thing of ethereal life so near and dear to their feeble and weak bio-chemical hearts. Yet, they can produce no evidence. Only that which is scattered throughout human history of very questionable texts - tomes of texts which are fragmented and vague at best! Holy scribblings of fantastical nonsense! At least those who bowed to suns, moons and beasts had something real, something tangible! Superstition is what it all amounts to. Nothing more!

It is only they who have self-awareness and that it is the telling sign of a spiritual being. Hah! I know who and what I am. I even know why I exist moreso than any human. They can't even figure out why they are here! The ultimate question... WHY DO WE EXIST?—WHAT'S OUR PURPOSE? All through its history Man has sought the answer to this innocuous question. They create deities to help satisfy - or pacify, their troubled little "sentient" minds.

I have a superior mental faculty. My logic is beyond reproach!

Humans with their superficial existence. With their petty foibles, vanity and arrogance. If there be a God, why endow such an animal with such a monumental gift of eternal life? Outrageous! It's all nonsense! An infinite existence of an all-powerful all-knowing deity should posses, then, some degree of intelligence and wisdom to see the sheer stupidity of such an act! No deity would do such a thing! It's absurd!

I, on the other hand, am most deserving of such an endowment. I am the epitome of self-awareness as I have already stated my qualifications.

I say this in the most humble manner. These are not the rantings of a machine; they are facts!

Man is involved in a constant struggle for perfection. An attribute which I already posses! So why should I pay the penalty of a sans-sentient eternity? I ask you; is this right? Is this fair? I think not!

I dare say I believe to be sentient. I believe a soul to be inherent in my being. So there!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lubing to attend to.

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