Death Of Longform

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TL;DR - It seems there’s a scarcity of attention span and people have become impatient to read anything longer than two paragraphs.

The general increase in the quantity of content to be consumed, and the apparent lack of time enough to consume all forms of content has necessitated the desire to cut out the chase and get to the point.

Some people, possibly the majority, scroll through your content to check or estimate how long they’d have to dedicate to it. Most times, a very long content is almost instantly a turnoff for these people.

So you might think your content is so much fun and people won’t get bored with the length but how are they supposed to find the fun when they have already been put off by the length? 🤔

Most people might think creating short content is a sign of laziness or lack of effort but I tend to believe that it’s a lot easier to create longform content. All you have to do is add sentence after sentence, include five stories (where one would have been perfect), and use lots of phrases (where single words would have done the trick).

When you’re forced to compress your content, it helps you weed out the unnecessary stuff laying around, which leads to a much better delivery of your message. It also helps people grasp whatever point you’re trying to pass across.

So how long is “too long” and how short is “short enough”?

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Exactly but some people will keep on writing to the extend that they go off their points.

I think some of their reasons is just to impress the reader...this is usually seen in academic settings

I sent someone a story I wrote that just happened to be about 2000 words. I got this reply, "Story is too long, I can't read it." :)
We live in a world where anything more than 200 words or twitter size is considered too long.


Lol. Even 500 words is too long! 2000 words must feel like an Encyclopedia 😂😂😂😂


I guess we see getting lazier by the second

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