"MUSIC SOOTHES" 50 word story Contest entry

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Here is my entry to the Fifty-word story prompt and contest hosted this week by @jayna. Story is exactly fifty words.

drawing by Greg McCann

Whenever she passed by the dog barked at her. So one day she sang it a song:

Oh barking dog, why bark at me?
For I would surely be your friend most indubitably,
If only you could just stop barking long enough to see
that -

The dog bit her.

Writing and image by Greg McCann, the author of this post and owner of this Steemit Channel. To view more of my work, please visit www.fireawaymarmot.com.


Thank you for joining the contest. Be sure to add the attribution for your graphic, even if it's yours.

I did credit myself at the bottom of the page, unless by attribution you mean a link to the original upload, which is on steemitimages.com. I created the drawing for the contest. Went ahead and added the link attribution in the post.

Oh! Good! No I thought I had looked carefully and didn’t see mention of your image source, but I do see that now. Thanks for confirming!

Hahahah, love it. Thanks for the laugh.

You're welcome!

LOL, I guess the music didn't soothe enough. :)

Too savage of a beast, I'm afraid...

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