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Apparently self-irony doesn’t actually exist as a word in the English language, and that says a lot about the people speaking it as their mother tongue.

I assume you understand the meaning of it though, but let me explain it to make sure. Self-irony, self-deprecating humour, is the ability to laugh at yourself.

If you can mock other people jokingly, you better make sure you can do it to yourself too, otherwise you are quite the hypocrite. And I love making fun of people, from all ages, races, sexes, sizes, and whatever you may think of, so I better be able to receive some of it myself.

I feel like self-irony is inherently a very Nordic type of thing. We like the dry and dark humour and aren’t afraid to turn it to ourself too. Self-irony is also a sort of defence mechanish; if you can truly laugh at yourself, nobody can hurt you with joking about the same thing.

I find endless inspiration about my own ability to look at myself from the outside and pinpoint things that I find funny, and think other people would too.

For example, I like joking about my weight, paleness, loner habits and the catfish-like image I’ve created of myself on the internet.

Do you exercise self-irony and if so, would you care to share a little bit about youself in the comments.

I’m so _____ that _______.

I’ll start:

I’m so skinny that when I turn sideways, I’m invisible.


I’m naturally so pale that I’m basically see-through.


I can be so considerate about other peoples' feelings that I always hurt my own feelings instead!

Lol if you can’t make fun of yourself you shouldn’t try to make fun of others you’ll only end up in tears I say! You gotta thicken your own skin!

I was talking to a friend last night and we were making jokes about my mixed heritage and I was like I’m so mixed in my genetic make up I won’t be surprised if my first child is a puppy

Ahahahah that is so funny, and cute!



What can I say? I like it doggy style!


It's a popular one I hear!

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Ahhhh... self-deprecating humor is alive and well in English.
If humor is the sign of high intelligence, then, Self-Deprecating humor is the sign of genius!

Oh yay! I would love to be a genius!

I need to lose weight. Last time I went to the doctor's and stepped on the scale, it said, "One at a time, please." ;)

Haha good one! 😂

It's my fave way to get people's guard down and I think it works in business and play.

However, I can't think of any words to drop into the sentence :(

Well fuck you mister Perfect! 😂

Anytime :P

Although, not being able to make a sentence means that I'm crap with words, so I passed?


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Ah, I love itseironiaa! But me and my girlfriend have gone down a not-so-lovely path because of it. I can freely make fun of other people (and myself included), but she doesn't like it that much. I think it's a matter of self-confidence and, in order to make fun of yourself (precisely fun, not just being depressing), you need to have a lot of self-confidence. Or a lot of balls. Pick one. Or two balls.

Ah that is a bummer! Not having a good sense of humour is something I can't deal with any humans in my life. Gotta be able to laugh at my shitty humour!

Its actually a very British past-time, self-depreciating humour, many people do it all the time in personal life and business.

Unfortunately I am perfect, so for me it doesn't come easily, you could say its my greatest weakness.

I feel like British and Finnish people have a lot of similarities. I think it's the depressing weather that makes us that way.