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This post is inspired by @greenrun's (who are you

I will start off with who I am not , i am not an award winning anything , not a writer or artiste , I am not a superstar or soccer star.


 Over the years, every guru and mentor I turn to will say these exact words 'find a passion and follow it'  'Find that one thing and be a master at it ',  I had asked my self this very question a few times.... okay maybe a gazillion times till I finally found an answer, and no! It wasn't an epiphany or a calm bass voice it came from , it came from me.  I am a lover of many things just like my bio says and also a fighter for things I love ,  the answer I got from my years of  asking my self this question was simply....

"leaving the world a little better for the next generation"    ..........  in my own little way 

so what do you do when the answer you have is as broad and ambiguous as mine, where do you start from?

i have never been a person to settle down with one size fits all ideas and by extension what I should be or passionate about.


you see I love to learn and do stuffs , I believe all of the knowledge and skill set i acquire on the path to this "ultimate" goal is necessary, from shooting a arrow to understanding cats , I learn and pick up these tools for my eventual battle.

i am what i like to call a busy mind , and I embrace this identity whole hartedly , it could be exhausting and tirering but in the end there is method to this madness.

Puff!!! I should make a list of these skill sets one of these days.....

i stay Unboxed and limitless  

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Sound post...a little something different from the misconstrued message that a jack of all trades is a loser.

Absolutely loved your post @epikcoin

Thanks so much, cheers!