Is it true that happiness lies in treasures, thrones, and other things?

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Is it true that happiness lies in treasures, thrones, and other things? Maybe we will say, the fact is that. Ok! We will see the facts later. For the record, friends do not have to believe what I write, just look at the facts, whether it is in line with reality, if it is not aligned, just ignore it.

We see the statement that the happy source is having a lot of money.

OK, is this statement agreed by everyone? Do toddlers agree with this statement? Does not seem. They say the source of happiness is playing not money.

Does a cat agree that source money is happy?

We see other facts. How much money do you think is enough for friends to make us happy?
Apparently the answer is not the same, there are those who feel 10 million a month is enough. Some feel happy when they have 50 million in monthly income. There is a new one billion a month feeling calm. It turns out different.

Have money of 100 million, some are happy, some are still feeling far from happy, for each reason.


What do we discuss above? I outlined the above to understand us that it turns out that the criteria of happiness for each person or every creature are different. Though it can be ascertained, the happiness is the same taste.

Then what makes the criteria for happy people different? It turns out that what distinguishes the criteria of happiness of each person is the notes or programs or principles that are in the heart or feeling.

According to Ki Ageng Suryamentarem, we are from birth or even before birth we have recorded and made rules for ourselves, this note if the language of the subconscious mind is an unconscious program.

If the subconscious program we say I will be happy if I already have 10 million in monthly income. Then we will consider having a 10 million monthly income, and then be truly happy in the financial sector. If our subconscious program says, I am just happy when I have a son and daughter, if I still don't have a son or daughter I am not happy in the child's business.

What does this mean? That is, our happiness does not lie in money, in children, in power, but lies in the criteria of happiness that we set in our minds, both consciously and unconsciously.


So, if you want to be happy quickly, relatively, yes, what I discuss is relative happiness, not absolute happiness. If you want to be happy quickly, just change the notes inside us, said Ki Ageng Suryomentarem. For example in the field of property, we can replace it with, "I will be happy if I have rice to eat a week", said our mind program. So in the field of property we will easily be happy, just have rice, we will be calm and peaceful.

But this, but that, we say but because the criteria of our happiness in the field of wealth is not so.

Then we will not have progress, if we are satisfied with a little treasure? Loooh is another matter. We may seek wealth as much as possible, but no longer affect our happiness, our wealth wants a little to be a lot, it does not interfere with our happiness, as long as we have rice to eat for example.

Then why do we look for wealth if we no longer make us happy? As we have discussed in this article before, our purpose in living is no purpose, because everything is there, we just celebrate life. Including we are looking for treasure is to celebrate life, play around.

So people who have found their happiness will usually work according to their hobbies, passion, soul calling, or something that they really like.

So, is it really happy to depend on what we get? Apparently not, happiness depends on the formulation recorded in our subconscious mind.

Friends don't need to believe, and for those who believe, let's learn to celebrate this life.

Thank you for reading!





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Happiness is not defined by what you have, it is about what you need. The more important thing is changing perspective of your life and becoming a happy person with what you have.
Dont look for your happiness outside you will find it in your heart waiting for you.

Yes, I agree with your opinion. Thank you for visiting my blog @societyengineer

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