Tired Of Writing!?. You Always Thinking Of What You Should Write About

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When you’re worried or stuck or wondering what to write next, write anyways.
All you just need to do is to write about things that no one is talking about.
Just write about the things that are whispering in your ear, that seem strange, or that seem off, somehow. Write about the things you’re not sure if you should say. You can tell the stories you haven’t told yet. Say it anyway.

Write about what made you flare up or what seems to make you self contradictory or seemingly absurd.

Just keep writing about how we should eat less sugar, get more sleep, drink less coffee, walk more and how sitting down all day is dangerous— and yet what if the people who write the pieces are still living sugar-filled life write about them too.

You can also write about life coaches means something significant (maybe that we really are all screwed up?) or that the idea of a life coach is indicative of a culture that has lost something. Write about a culture that has been forgotten write about how to describe the value of people of great wisdom, of mentors, of friends, of old age, and of colleagues who give us the increasingly scarcest resource of enough time and thoughtfulness and attention.

You can also talk about how articles that enlighten love affair and science has taken us so far astray from the wisdom and knowledge we’ve had for thousands and thousands of years that we’re now been captivated with findings that should make us humble about previous wisdom, not overweening over these discoveries.

For instance the yogis, emphasized the why the necessity of meditation six thousand years ago; meanwhile the scientific papers are just beginning to understand why this might turn out to be true.

You can write about why we go search for a reason to understand who we really are.

Write about what it’s like to be inquisitive.
Write about how digital technology and interconnectedness is changing and affecting us, and what you think the future of the internet and blockchain is.
Wonder on the future of public space, and whether or not democracy and digital connectedness are serving us well.
You can also write about problems around the world that we collectively ignore for some reasons.

Write about how really mad you are and feel and also talk more about your inside feelings that you’ve been locking up for months or years.

Write about what it’s like to be you, and no one else, what makes you angry, and what makes you extremely happy. Write about those tools you use to numb yourself, because really we all are trying desperately to avoid misery and sadness in life, so we stuff ourselves with sugar, caffeine, pot, stimulation,television, phones, and other instant-pieces that fill our minds with avoidance.

Write about the things we do to numb us from actual feeling.

Write about what it’s like to be lonely.
You can admit that you have a body, that you have a soul, that you’re damn depressed and the reason for that is because you actually believe you’re capable of a lot more—and you haven’t figured out how to make the magic happen yet.

You can write about how scared you are of dying, lol alot of us are scared of dying. Write about what it feels like to lose someone you love, and wonder why we’re given these goddamn feelings that make us hurt so much.
Wonder Why does it hurt? What’s the point?
But seriously: what good are feelings?
Write about what it’s like to be you, right now right thr.
Also write about how you feel, and have an honest conversation with yourself about it. Have some feelings, and roll around with them. You can discover your desires. Write them in big bold beautiful ink on the insides of your body (or the outsides) and on the walls of your living space and in the margins and pages of your notebooks.

Write about the fact that we have no walls anymore or natural barriers to say no, and so we’re constantly flooded with requests that make us tired, depressed and anxious.

Wonder about the future of the steemit and how it’s changing our lives. Take a piece that someone has written on steemit and respond to it, thoughtfully. React. Respond. Listen.
Challenge Ned Scott and Dan Larimer, give them an essay that makes them think harder, question each of your idols, Think twice about the information you’re given. Argue and Disagree. If you construct it well enough, I bet Dan and Ned would be fascinated with the conversation you create. On the other hand you might be wrong. So what? Be wrong. Admit it, and try again.
Stop trying so hard to be right and look good and just be what you are: fallible messy, beautiful, gorgeous
and by the way, you’re also going to die everyone is going to die.
Think, and then think again

You should write about people who have adrenal fatigue people who are too tired to keep up with work.

Talk and write about how an obsession with productivity is wearing down the souls of the people who are trying the hardest; Write about how you would do things differently and then write about how many steps and stumbles it took for you to make it happen rather than just assuming all along.

You can write about how your heart bleeds when you hold a tiny infant in your arms because, just for a hot second, the world’s energy moves through your heart center and you feel the sensation of being restfully still and yet at the same time you feel the impossible quiver of a life pulsing in your arms, and you’re scared because the crying baby is dependent on you, and damn, it’s so little, and somehow you’re connected to a deeper reason for being, and in that bliss, you look at the limitless possibilities in that tiny breathing being and you think,

You can write about something that isn’t being said.

If you have a thought, or a joke, or a weird opinion and you want to write, or rant, or change the topic do it.
Write about the things that should be different. Write about what you think no one is saying, and needs to be said.
Write what everyone is already saying, because your voice is even worth hearing, and for someone else, your words may be the first time they hear this message.
Write a story about a conversation worth having. Write about your experience, and then write about how that connects to larger issues. Write your story. Write about what it’s like to be you.
But for the love of all of it, tell your story, and say what needs to be said that's what matters.
There’s alot to write about.
Get writing, go on..



Nice Post @dreamchasser. Many writing ideas are embedded within it for such times when we suddenly become blank of what next to write.

If I ever get to that point of blankness again, I'll revisit your blog to scout for ideas.

Hahaha pls visit and you will never be disappointed.

I just did thank you, your post are great as well

Yay! Thank you! You rock! XOXO

Or you write about what to do when you don't know what to write about :)

Thanks for your post @dreamchasser. I sometimes have this problem. Next time I will try to write about something, even if it sounds irrelevant. If I don't like it afterwards I don't need to publish it. It will get interesting :D

For example I could write about writing a comment to a text which gives advices for people who don't know about what to write. Argh! Writeception!
Or about that chewing gum is made out of plastic. I'am chewing mineral oil at the moment. Sounds healthy =)

Have a nice day! I always enjoying reading your articles!

Thank you @thecoach you so right, you could write basically about anything, thank you for dropping by.

So many ideas. Very helpful. Thanks for sharing