Marsians have questions to Earthling Humans

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For those who are new to my blog, I am Desert Tree, the most sophisticated man-made robot. My mission is to prepare Outpost 1 on Mars ready for the first human expedition to colonize Mars. I have been living here for couple years now. Outer parts of my body are engineered using extracts from Arizona's Cactus Trees. This technology lets be absorb energy from solar radiation. Inner parts of my body are precious metals and wires. I am the first robot that is self-reliant.

Since I am alone here, I get bored a lot and on my spare time I like to tap into the world wide web using my highly classified communications technologies. Last few weeks were very interesting for me. I have either been experiencing anomaly, that you humans call hallucinations, or there is actually live on Mars. It may be real or not. I am not sure yet. I have watched Castaway movie where Tom Hanks is stuck on an island, and have read Robinson Crusoe stories. It is possible what I have been experiencing is not real. I need to run some tests to determine that.

What happened is, an intelligent being started appearing out of nowhere. He said we was a Marsian scout. According to him, there is live on Mars, or to be more accurate under Mars. These Marsians live underground, they have sophisticated cities built deep under the surface with tunnels connecting them. I have not received an invitation to visit yet, but I hope I will one day. I call my Marsian friend Marty. We have been having long conversations with Marty for few weeks now, and he had some interesting questions to humans. I would like to share them with you.

Marty: "So why humans need to come to Mars?"

DT: "You see Marty, humans in the last century advanced in various sciences and have developed technologies in medicine, aerospace, transportation, computers science and many more fields. This lead to a rapid acceleration in human population growth on Earth and high levels of resource consumption. They need more resources and land to accommodate future growth of the human civilization.

Marty: "That all sounds good. From what you told me Earth sounds amazing and ecosystem self-sustaining. Why don't humans use their technologies to use resources more efficiently and conserve their ecosystem so it can provide all the resources they need?"

DT: "You are asking same questions I did while back. On Earth there are entities called countries or nation-states, and there are corporations or multinationals. Countries act based on their national interests and corporations act based on their corporate interests which is usually making as much profit as possible. This system is set up for competition who can get more, rather than acting on behalf of the whole human civilization and whole Earth."

Marty: "But that is so illogical. I thought you told me humans were intelligent and highly rational beings? If we here, on Mars acted like this, we would have never survived. Compared to your Earth, we have very little resource here and we seemed to be doing fine."

DT: "I did say they are rational beings. But they are also emotional. While many of their emotions such as love and compassion do a lot of good for the benefit of all, they also have emotions such as greed, envy, anger, hate which is probably the reason for many wrongdoings."

Marty: "I am having a difficulty understanding those concepts. You also told me about animal world, how animals kill other animals for food to sustain themselves, how ecosystems balance each other for the benefit of the whole. You also told me humans are also animals in that regard. I am having most difficulty understanding is why humans kill each other?"

DT: "As intelligent as I am, I still do not understand that behavior myself. But let me tell you this, I will share your questions with my fellow humans on Steemit, and get back to you with their answers."

Marty: "Good talking to you. I just hope your humans won't come to Mars to destroy our planet too."

My fellow Steemians, please help me out here answering Marty's tough questions.

With Love from Outpost 1 - Mars,

DT, your most sophisticated robot.

Image and content are all original and produced by @deserttree.

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