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Great post Damian. You highlight a good aspect of agency here too--the choice to do nothing. It can work great when the result of the character's inaction have an impact on him directly, like your example of the slain father.

It can work if the result of inaction doesn't effect the character--like walking down the street and choosing not to interfere when an old woman's purse is being snatched--but it's only effective in showing your reader the type of person your character is, which is fine at times, of course. But if you're going for more, then imagine the direct impact the character's agency will have in tgat situation when he finds out that was his own Grandmother. Effective agency drives the character's arc.

An excellent topic you've touched on that writers should always keep in mind.

Oh my my my, I love this. You did such a wonderful job of exploring indecision as well as the most challenging decisions, and showing how these create critical dramatic effect when done well. Such great advice for any of us wondering why our writing seems a bit vapid and hollow. (Speaking for a friend! 😂)

Thank you Damian, with practice, and your blog, I continue to get better at thinking about writing. I see the stories in my head, swimming around. How to finish this scene or that? This is my stuggle.

Agency/choice is really important, all people have it, so in writing its just about how we explain what's going on in the character's heads, right?

Not being a writer, per se (only dabbling in the occasional short story), I had no idea about the two levels, but it makes sense when you explain it! Awesome, learning something new! 😊

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