When I feel I've nothing to say worth saying [Day 56]

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winter_celtic_eye_trail___black_and_white_by_somadjinn-dbqgyqz 2.jpg

When I feel I've nothing to say worth saying

I sit admiring meaningless beauty:
a star-shaped shadow upon my knee
caused by the lamp I intended to write by
as I rest my head on my forearm and feel weary.

The road I walked earlier, barefoot,
ought to have been made of grass.
The floral scent of spring mountains
ought to fill my bone cavern.

Worries like brittle hay on a warm day
on which I laid, bare-backed,
can only stab the surface;
they aren't invited in to stay.

For long, I cannot stay sullen.
Not in the presence
of the luminous mundane.

Silence pierces my wrists
and life's opacity sculpts itself
in waves of joy and melancholy
seamlessly, the screen never even


godafoss___black_and_white_by_somadjinn-dbn9k6t 3.jpgkolufoss_silk_cascades_by_somadjinn-dc2yws7 3.jpg

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1 — "Winter Celtic Eye Trail"
2 — "Kolufoss Silk Cascades"
3 — "Godafoss Black and White"

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kolufoss_silk_cascades_by_somadjinn-dc2yws7 2.jpggodafoss___black_and_white_by_somadjinn-dbn9k6t 2.jpg


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Funnily enough, I was writing a similar piece today, titled 'the fifteenth attempt' - I'm sure you can imagine how that went...

I was following this poem, internally nodding the whole way, enjoying the rhythms especially of those 2nd and 3rd stanzas, but then this phrasing jostled me a little:

Micro-stones grinding my feet on asphalt:
an appetizer for the sun's mouth.

The first line suggests a return to uninspiring, artificial landscape, and then the second seems tantalisingly surreal, opposed - I can't quite locate the meaning in it!

After that it feels very much in safe hands again - a very relatable and evocative write overall :)

...."admiring meaningless beauty.....waves of joy and melancholy"
hmmm, it is so powerful how you collide contrasts of life through expression of your feelings in this poem.
I have red it twice and my emotions were really different and really powerful.
I admire your creativity. I wish you all the bliss and success.
Namaste @d-pend

Beautiful, @d-pend! Your awareness and observation of the beauty in the simple and sublime points towards an open heart ans sensitive soul, both of which we need much more of in this word. Please keep it up!

That is when you're heartbreaking. I really felt with you in the course of the this poem, the message was well decoded. A lot of things do happen in this that we just have to take them as they are. We can't always get everything we ever want, I believe that. Whatever going through in your mind will be solved already brothers. Keep the good work flowing

Silence pierces my wrists
and life's opacity sculpts itself
in waves of joy and melancholy
seamlessly, the screen never even

Inspiration is not be scheduled, that is for sure, but if one sits without expectation of getting any, she soon will. The muses must be cats.

Such a superb, first-class write. I read it twice:):):) Bravo:)

peaceful aura surrounded
you dont have to say a word thou

You definitely need a vacation @d-pend. I recommend shutting off the computer completely and taking a walk or try some shadow boxing. I think I will do the same.

Nice picture of an old stargate....

melodic piece @d-pend

But in the midst of all these shall I arise
No longer weary but refreshed
By winds tht sweep along the coast
I find myself on a new adventure
By the new energy surged in me
I follow the waves and the tides
Now i find something worth saying
i have a new song to sing.
I have a tale to tell.
The tales of adventure
your peom inspired me to write this piece as a climax.

Beautiful poetry with beautiful lines.

Excellent to read that once more a great post great post :)

what a great and a nice poem so nicely written :)

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the poem is written so wonderfully great

This is heart-braking, and the photographs give more of that feeling. I hope you´re feeling better.

Your poetry is out of the box. Wawu


As resident smellfungus I must point to the snollygoster lickspittleing... sadly Steemit is full of mumpsimus I guess it's the pettifogger way ...


Here is a rough translation



Haa found it!
so you were talking about this yesterday :D


it's one of them yesh


I really don't understand this, but its sure cracking me up. Lol