The love between Two pigs

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Wen and Zhe are pigs.They have known each other and been in love since they were little.

They love each other so much,as if there were no others in the world.

Zhe takes very good care of Wen.

When they have dinner, Zhe always reserves the best for Wen.

Wen grows fat happily under Zhe's good care.

But on a dark windy night, their master decides to sell the fatter one to the butcher's house.

Watching Wen in her sleep, Zhe stays wide awake that night.He knows that Wen will be the one if things go on like this.

Zhe decides to sacrifice himself. For the first time in his life, Zhe starts a fight with Wen,which breaks his heart so bad.

However Wen tries, Zhe never talks to her anymore.

After that, Zhe always has fat meals without waiting up for Wen. Wen starts to slim down because of the heartbreak. But Zhe gets bigger and bigger everyday.

Zhe writes down " I Love You" on the wall the night before death.

Zhe is taken away from Wen forever."If words can't speak themselves,my death will say it all."

Wen finally sees what Zhe has done for her.She doesn't even have a chance to say " I Love You" to Zhe now.

Wen decides to leave the place that has the sad memory and live her own life, also Zhe's.

The sentences about love:
Boy I hear you in my dreams.I feel your whisper across the sea.I keep you with me in my heart.You make it easier when life gets hard.

You are my sunshine.My only sunshine.You make me happy.When it rain.





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