The Traveler and the moon

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The Traveler and the Moon

There was a traveler, that has been in many places and seen many planets and moons,
he had lost all hope, and stopped searching, time passed by and suddenly,
he was dazzled by the brightess light he ever seen,
it was the light of the most gorgeous and shiny moon.
She look at him, and he fell for her beautiful eyes.
The romance was almost instantly, t
heir journey began and even when the cycle of the Moon was for short periods of time
due to her duties as a celestial satellite, he waited for her patiently.

Their love for each other was increasing as days where falling with the calendar sheets,
they lay down below monuments while they look the stars,
as they shared dreams of better universes and skies.
Sadly they both knew that this could not be possible.
Moon was there just temporary, and she would left soon.
Moon left him even she did not wanted.
Now, the traveler wanders again in solitude,
waiting for this beautiful Moon to cross his path again
so they can dream and travel together again.

The Traveler and the Moon by Chuck Machinery / Carlos Ismael Flores Cespedes is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 4.0 Internacional License.

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