The Bell That Tolls For Unspoken Desire: Short Story

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This Short story is my entry for the Caption Contest # 21 Hosted by @sanmi in an effort to showcase some of Steemit's amazingly creative minds!

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When the Earths Natural resources reached point of depletion, the humans were forced to start looking for other sustainable planets to call home, after searching for many years one galaxy glider ship discovered a planet well suited for sustaining life, it was like a second earth, Galaeden they called it, one that has not yet experienced the destruction of human hands, still beautifully balanced in its ecological structure.

The Humans Colonized the new land with a drastic sense of urgency, putting up structured dwellings that catered to their needs. However it was not long before the barely settled villagers discovered the existence of humanoid primates indigenous to Galaeden.

The Galaedenoids were a peaceful and highly intelligent species, willing to co-exist and share the spoils of their planet, but this was not enough for mankind, who found a more satisfying means of co-existing by means of enslaving the Galaedenoids in pursuit of their own selfish convenience.

The former galaxy glider ship captain, now village chief: Capt. Brian Von Linchfield, was the first to take in a Galaedenoid slave to work alongside his domestic servant girls, they were to train the Galaedenoid in the domestic ways and requirements of the people. The girls were quite galvanized at just how fast the Galaedenoid adapted and even more so at the pace that he was learning. The girls communally took a great interest in ensuring that the Galaedenoid received further education such as language skills and basic mathematics and named him Edumar.

One of the girls called Layla, was particularly intrigued by Edumar, she loved having a better understanding of their existence before mankind uprooted their lives. However, as time passed Edumar started developing feelings that were much stronger and deep-seated than the initial curiosity founded in the exchange of knowledge. Despite Layla's ignorance regarding Edumars ever growing desires, it did not take Capt. Von Linchfield long to notice it.

The Captain immediately summoned all the villagers, then he had Edumars bound and dragged to the center of the village where they were gathered. Von Linchfield had his officers beat Edumar endlessly to set an example to all the other Galaedenoids, declaring Edumar's love for Layla an abomination and an act intolerable defiance against the clearly set boundaries of their biological differences. After seemingly endless hours of torture, Edumar was imprisoned in a cave as punishment for his crimes, and as an added level of ensuring that there will be no further incidents of this nature from Edumar's side, he intensified the beasts punishment by confronting him with the object of his affectionate desire.

Layla was escorted to the well guarded cave entrance, where she was stripped down naked and thrown into the Rocky prison cell with Edumar, destined to serve out the rest of his sentence of a yet undetermined length with him, in all her naked seductive glory. The only thing between the two of them being a bell that Layla would be forced to toll, deeming the beast to certain death, in the event that any advances were made.


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dear @breezin your good post...
i like your all post...
I look forward to every one of your #post..thank you so very much for #sharing..

thank you for sharing my friend @ breezin, may the earth prosper breezin yes, and a very moving story about the deck of the layla put imprisonment without punishment decision, sad read, remember yourself if like this, success for you


You almost wrote a script good enough for a movie :)


Thank you for that great compliment!
Was really a fun competition!

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