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Can you guess what is this ? Give an appropriate caption in 10 words, justify your caption in a short paragraph , and stand in a chance to win 4 SBD. Runner up will get 3 SBD, and three mentions will get 1 SBD each.


  • Upvote this post and leave your caption along with justification as comment in this post.
  • Caption should be within 10 words. And there is no restriction to the length of your justification. You can make a post justifying the caption and leave your caption along with post link.
  • Captions without proper justification will not be accepted.
  • Usage of vulgar or obscene words will be considered as disqualification and even may be flagged.
  • Only entries posted as comments here will be considered. You can use this image, as this is my own image.
  • You should give only one entry. Giving more than one entry will disqualify your participation.
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  • Deadline of submission is till Sunday.

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Questions ? Suggestions ? You are most welcome!!!

Caption 21.jpg


Caption: Three Fold Law

Justification: As depicted in Wiccan

The woman sits (in the present moment is observed by)

The past (observed by the monkey)

While she looks to the future (The Bell)

She is open, exposed, not able to hide from her past. The ability to learn from her mistakes, while seeking growth in the future sets the stage for her to be born anew.

What may be depicted as filthy, must be overlooked in this to exact the true meaning.

It took @futuremind 20 minutes of intense gazing into this depiction for it to click.

Wow! @sanmi, I really loved this one. Great work, great initiative!

Good luck and best wishes to all!

Caption : Woman's eternal love and patience - Nothing can match with that

To me this picture depicts a heart touching story. Once in a while a woman was happily leaving with her family - a nice husband and a cute daughter. And she was enjoying every moment of life. Once her husband decided to have an adventurous trip to an abandoned place in Africa. Though the woman insisted her husband not to go there, finally she gave up and agreed for her love. And then after all the formalities, the family packed everything and started the journey.

When they were spending time in the amazing place covered with forest, surrounded by rivers, some kind of storm came in. And when the storm was over, the woman discovered herself alone in the jungle , with no insight of human beings. She fought for her life there for days and then started living an estranged life, often remembering about her family and crying or staying calm. As she had nothing with her , the only dress she had was teared, but she did not mind about it, as there was no one to look at her. So she started living naked. Her love towards the family was keeping her alive, and she used to go to the end of the land (the background colored red and looking abstract ) to try find out anything if she could, and spent hours sitting there.

Almost few months passed in this way and one fine day a Gorilla discovered her, and was surprised to find a lonely human. The Gorilla kept watching her activities and could understand her sentiments and thought to help her. So it started helping the woman and bringing her fruits from the jungle and be around her. When the woman used to go to the end of the land to find out her family and sit there for hours, the Gorilla used to sit beside her and felt sorry about her.

This went on almost every day. One fine day the Gorilla discovered a bell in the jungle. It brought that bell and put at the end of the land, thinking that it could be helpful. The Gorilla thought, it would bell the ring, if it finds any other human so that the woman can meet their family.

So this art depicts such a heart touching story where the Woman's eternal love and patience is so reflected that an animal could feel it and help her.

And the woman is still waiting.........................

You kind of took me inside the story, what a great story.

samantha 2.jpg

The beast was enslaved by a human master who found out that the beast had developed a passionate desire for one of his slave-girls. The master deemed this an abomination, and punished him by locking him up in a cave with the object of desire. The slave girl was instructed to appeal to the beast in a seductive manner and should the beast make any advances, she was to toll the bell - meaning certain death for the beast!

And for the sake of creative inspiration by this wonderful competition hosted by @sanmi - a posts, with the extended story was spawned!


Thank you @sanmi for encouraging creativity in our Steemit community, this was a brilliantly fun challenge, and I hope that you will have great success as its host in future.

Have a wonderful eve!

That's awesome 👍

The Mystical Human and the slaves

Explaination : The picture depicts how the woman is a leader and ensalves the monkey. The bell represents time, the time the human are evolving

Caption : Monkey See , Monkey Do

Justification : In a distant planet just a million light years away, gigantic slug looking aliens have brought humans in varying stages of evolution together in one place and they are treated like pets.
The bell is used to train both human and ape. As you can see , the human is wearing no clothes, just like the ape. Somehow due to this enslavement by the slug aliens , they do not feel shame nor the need to make a warm fire.
They wait in silence to be given some food to eat. The ape seems to want to play with the human, the aliens watch as the ape copies the actions of the human and vice versa. Then the aliens giggle , “ Monkey see , Monkey do!”
They yell out in glee.

This edition is now over and winner declared, go and participate in the new edition which started today.

Caption: Leave behind worldly instincts

Justification: The monkey and the woman, represent the animal instincts (feeding, reproduction, etc) and sexual desires, highlighted by light colors because it is what abounds in the world. The bell represents the voice of God as a creative verb. Indicating that we must abandon the low instincts to open the way to morality, ethics and values. Represented by dark colors describing our selfishness and reluctance to seek our spiritual growth

when she comes closer I ring the alarmbel.

She was the earth first seduction, let's call her Eve, binding creation and evaluation together. from monkey till human. Evaluation being the monkey rings the alarm bell when the first human was created on earth. Question is, who was first? the alarm-bell or Eve? :-)

this art work describes the evolution and the discussion of creation. the formation of human DNA and this change.
Or is it not true? they represent those who believe in and do not believe in the theory of evolution.represents the enlightenment on the right side of the woman.it shows that this is discussed. @sanmi

Caption: The Evolution of Beauty

Justification: The monkey represents the beginnings of humankind. You notice that the monkey comes from a lighter side of the painting where the background behind him is bathed in light, where as the bell comes out of a darker side of the painting where the background looks more to be a brownish color. The backgrounds represent the loss of Innocence that correlates with the advancement of the human perspective of beauty. The monkeys forlorn gaze also symbolizes the leaving behind of an innocence. The woman is the epitome of beauty, but she is being replaced by a bell. This Bell represents man's Evolution to an artificial form of beauty. Although the Bell is ornament and beautiful, it is constructed. A Bell is chosen to symbolize technology because it can constantly chime to draw Mankind's attention.


Caption: Role Reversal

Justification: We (humans) sit behind a glass wall in safety (represented by the rock the monkey/ape is sitting on) and observe the creature in its natural, vulnerable state from above. We observe, we poke, we prod, we set up a system of rewards and condition the creature to ring the bell for us in exchange for food. In this picture, the animal is in the observers role, and the human is in the vulnerable state, naked and lying down. The monkey wants the woman to ring the bell, just as she has asked it to do many times. There is sadness on the creature's face, likely because it is sad that things had to come to this. The animal wanted harmony and coexistence, not experimentation, and to show humans their wrongs, he had to reverse the roles.

caption contest 21.jpg

I have been very impressed by the symbolic interpretations in the other answers, but as a rule I do not look at anybody else's answer before producing my own. So perhaps my justification and concept are under-analyzed ;p

Justification: Bored, waiting for a bell to ring, two different species become friends. The ape's face looks incredibly thoughtful.

"The Mistakes, the Sorrow and the Suffering"

There are three (3) things in the photo that portrays something. The following are:

  1. Woman's nakedness showing only her back - This portrays that the woman's past are full of sin. That she enjoyed the wants of flesh in this world. She savoured the material world. As she was hungry with material things she fed her soul with what she wants inside. She flirted with what the world can offer as she offered her body to satisfy the flesh.
  2. The Chimpanzee's regretful face - This is also the woman who is compared to an animal,i.e., she is acting like an animal. That she is not different from the animal. That she is full of sorrow from all of the past mistakes. She is regretful for what she has done. That she no longer differs from the beast like animal. She portrays her role as an animal. The woman wants forgiveness but it's too late.
  3. The bell with its colored red background - Time tells that her soul will be in the brinks of hell. The bell and red color connotates that hell is waiting for her. That she must pay back of all the mistakes she made - trading her soul from satisfaction of flesh.

The woman will soon suffer from all the wrongdoings she made. In this world, we have the freedom to choose what is right and what is wrong. Time will haunt us - as it is pay back time. We reap what we sow.

Caption -
Woman : The creator of Man

Justification -

To me, the picture shows how woman is exisiting with utter dominance over the world and bringing human life into existence. While the ancient human still lives in awe of her goddess powers.

Caption: The tolls of time, in time inert...

The picture shows three visible objects, two of which are artworks (ape and woman), and the last (bell) represents time and is the artist...
Time tolls to create two different artworks, one an upgrade on the other. However, in the eyes of the artist (time), the two are inert... Exactly as it is in the picture.
Time (the bell) watches and waits, as opposed to the human and ape watching and waiting.

Caption: beauty and the beast
The bell signifies time..the lady is expectantly waiting for the beast she loved to return to his human form

There’s no internet hunny, stop steeming and come cuddle!

Hes a monkey, he wants his typewriter. His cyborg wife understands there is no internet in his little monkey cave so she had the idea to notify him that cuddles were on the table. Hoping it would ring him out of his depression.

Caption: Conditioned by the ringing of the bell.

As I study this image, it seems that woman and beast are both, in their own way, waiting for the bell to ring. The woman gazes up expectantly while the primate patiently bides his/her time. Like Pavlov's dog, both have been programmed to have a particular reaction when they hear the tolling of the bell. Pleasure or pain? Reward or torment? They must wait to find out.

"From Beast to Beauty Thru Time"

Is this the artists depiction of evolution? We start as hairy apelike thing, and thru time, which is signified by the bell, we eventually became who we are today. The elegant human species. Ha.

I was going to write as the caption, "Cheeks of Depression" but I didn't know how well to justify that caption besides just looking at the creatures face.. and the prominent cheeks in the foreground.

This my entry 😊

Too similar but not similar .. You are not me I'm not you ... Evolution makes one species change better

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Funky Monkey Business

The monkey is about to get down to business with his naked friend. Daaaaaaaamn! that's funky!

Title: Consciousness divide and define man and animal.
Justification: The bell symbolise an alert which stands for consciousness, there is a gap between man and animal which is shown in the picture, and between that gap is the bell. If a man loses its conscious then he is not different from animal.

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A monkey is stunned with eroticism. the atmosphere took him drift away. he realized, with the sound of a bell

Pavlov's lesser known research.