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A tremendous human-value is shining up through Steemit platform. Astonishing experiences and creative views are being shared, unleashing unprecedented life-changing potentials and building a unique historical record of our time.

And may that be the reason we are all soul vested to Steemit!

Envision that in the long run. Steem blockchain might become a precious cultural library over time. A database holding humanity wisdom inputs from all over the globe, under no guiding ruler and fully accessible to anyone.

Nevertheless, the curation and reward distribution system is currently corrupted by automatic voting-bots, which are excessively promoting poor-quality content.

Bots are convenient for some, but that comes at a cost of destroying the fundamental concept to which this platformed is based on, the so-called "Proof of Brain", which is the foundation for the distribution of Rewards.

We need to stop being lenient to the voting bots. They are destroying this platform, leaving a sound trail of jaded writers who actually buckle down to produce marvelous content.


I Chose to Raise Against them. I am committed to a true "Human Curation" process, which should recognize valuable content producers and motivate them.

Isn't that why the Steemit platform exists?

The "Proof of Brain" concept

Have you ever ask the question "Who pays the vote-rewards"? Let's try to make it a clear-water concept in two paragraphs:

A group of people called "The Witnesses" maintain the blockchain, holding a copy of it and keeping it updated every ~3 seconds. Witnesses are the ones who mine new blocks via "Delegated Proof of Stake" DPOS, and they are paid back with Steem Power for doing that. About 10% of all new Steem tokens created by each block goes to the Witnesses. More about it here.

The reward-per-block produced by Witnesses is divided between ALL members of Steemit community, depending on the number of Votes a member receives by its posts, and the Curation a member does by it's up-votes. The distribution also depends on the Vote-Weight, which is the Steem Power held by the voter.

Human Writers and Curators might benefit the most from writing & curating real valuable content. This is how we "the non-Witnesses" are mining Steem tokens, by responsible and intelligent votes: Proof of Brain.

Steem Blue Paper * Basic pillars of Steemit platform

Reading Steem's Blue Paper went really smooth, and I personally recommend. The discussion is rather Conceptual than Technical.

A short definition we find about Steem blockchain "a public publishing platform from which any Internet application may pull and share data while rewarding those who contribute the most valuable content" (Introduction, second paragraph)

For the Rewards Pool and how the tokens should be distributed, we read that this is the source "from which tokens are distributed to valuable content creators" (Proof of Brain section, first paragraph)

The blue paper also states that "the actors in the Steem network are incentivized to compete in ways that add value to the network.".

And last, as the "Reward for Content" section state clearly The users that take time to evaluate and vote on content are playing an important role in distributing the currency to the users who are adding the most value.

In my understanding, promoting low-quality content using voting-bots is going against all principles, and becoming a great threat to the heart of Steemit platform.


It is my current understanding that this fight must be promptly taken forward, and the only way around is through Community engagement, Discussion, and Commitment.

Steemit is a treasure and is under siege.


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