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There's a reason why you are here today reading this post

I was planning to do a fun challenge post but I ended up making this post - reasons absolutely unknown

So if you have been bought here you need to read this entirely and carefully as I believe there's a reason for everything

It's just 5 minutes of your time and I know most of you will read till the end :)

First of all Thank you for the awesome replies on the "Let's get to know each other" challenge.
I absolutely loved reading all the answers and Thank You for participating in it and if you haven't taken part yet here is the link Challenge

  1. I was asked by someone if I am only fun and games...If I would ever consider making a valuable post

  2. So I have accepted this challenge (I always wanted to write on this topic)

  3. I did some research and the more I kept looking for answers the more deeper it went

  4. It all links to one another.

  5. We have been lied about everything and are just puppets in this huge theatre called Life.

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So here's my findings below wherein i hope I could bring out the truth in some way.

"The Dirty War"

Image Source

  1. Lot of people think that the Syrian war started in 2011 but it actually began in 2000 when Qatar proposed to construct a $10 billion 1500 km pipeline through Saudi Arabia , Jordan, Syria and Turkey(This pipeline is supported by United States Government in blue above)

  2. Now Assad(Syria) was against this because Syria's Ally Russia wanted a different route of pipeline.(This pipeline is supported by Russian Government in red above)

  3. Now both of these pipelines go through Syria and hence Syria plays the most important role.

  4. The so called powers of this world decide to overthrow the uncooperative Assad with a path to achieve the objective of completing the Qatar/Turkey gas pipeline.(the blue one supported by the United States)

  5. So now you know why Russia supports Syria in the war. It's because Syria backed Russia in the gas pipeline issue.

  6. Both United States and Russia wanted to have their gas pipelines in the middle East and establish their dominance.

  7. This is the very beginning of a war which has taken countless lives and made millions homeless and ruined peaceful nations. Everyone wants the power to control.

"The Dirty Plan"

  1. The CIA has been trying to topple the Middle East governments left right and center.

  2. Iran Syria Jorda Afghanistan the list goes on.

  3. And here is what the United States has to say " Our military support for the Syrian insurgency is purely humanitarian"

  4. We also hear them saying through the media that Assad is bad, Isis cut people's heads off and Russia is there so we are going to fix this...well has it been fixed yet or has it worsen?

"Controlled By Rothschild(Detailed post later)"

images (6).jpeg
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Now these below are just some of the facts :

A. The Rothschild family is the wealthiest family on earth.

B. The central bank in every country is owned and controlled by the Rothschild family except for 3 countries :

North Korea , Iran and Cuba

C. Back In 2000, this list was longer as four other countries were also on the list :

Afghanistan , Iraq , Sudan and Libya

D. So now is it not obvious why these lands were invaded?

E. All that was needed was an horrible excuse to invade them and here comes 9/11

"The Truth about 9/11"

Image Source

President Bush said after the attack "Our enemy is a radical group of terrorists and every government that supports them" - what a joke...

9/11 was supported by the USA government throughout as evidences don't lie :

  1. On September 10 2001, a day before the attack former secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld made a shocking revelation that the Pentagon had $2.3 trillion missing

  2. This news had to be wrapped up and less than 48 hours later 9/11 took place

  3. One of the planes crashed in the Pentagon. Accounting offices in the Pentagon(containing information of the missing $2.3 trillion) were blown up and accounting offices based in New York building in the World Trade Centre were demolished as well in the attack.

  4. No one has ever heard of the missing $2.3 trillion again as all data was destroyed with the attacks

  5. The volume of short options suddenly increased in the parent companies of United Airlines on September 6 and American Airlines on September 10. This clearly shows some big people new the stock of these airlines would crash once the plane crashes and made huge profits on the crash day

  6. Have a space ghost in Osama to enter Afghanistan

"The Chemical Attacks in Syria"

Image Source

  1. You can have all the oil and gas you want but what kind of evil beings targets children with chemical attacks?The after effects of it?

  2. We can't go any lower than this..who can resort to such barbaric tactics? It's just shocking to watch children who have no role to play in your war suffer to such a degree.

  3. The media tells us that this was done by Syria which means the Assad Government did it

  4. For me this is pure mind manipulation.Syrian government have no reason to attack their own people.

  5. This was just an excuse for war and for the outside military to stay longer in Syria

"True Lies"

  1. First it was Saddam with the false claim that he had weapons of mass destruction

  2. Then it was claimed that Gaddafi was killing his own peopoe when actually he was going to unite Africa and the middle east

  3. Now it's Assad and claims that he is poisioining his own people

  4. All this evilness and killing to gain control of the Oil and Gas in middle East

"Stanley Meyer killed because he knew how to turn water into fuel"

Image Source

  1. Stanley Meyer had invented a way to use water instead of fuel to run cars.

  2. This would have killed our dependence on fuel and related in millions of losses to the oil powers

  3. He died suddenly while dining in a restaurant

  4. He ran outside screaming "They poisoined me" and died

  5. Rumors are that he was killed to supress his inventions

  6. This is the kind of world we live in

"My opinion on what's happening"

  1. People are beyond brainwashed

  2. They are too busy watching football and talent shows just like Romans did with the collesuem.

  3. It's a distraction used by criminals to keep you focused on anything but the truth.

  4. Go to schools, keep your head down, get a job, get married, don't believe anything apart from what you are told to believe.

  5. Get a mortgage borrow money that does not exist and then pay with real money along with interest.

  6. Stay quiet Keep smiling and then say the magic words "Ain't it great to be free"

  7. We live in a world where we are manipulated and controlled by the elite and we have no clue about it.

  8. We are too busy with our problems and are constantly worried or are made to worry about money, future, goals, targets and so on


  1. What if everyone has been lying to us...the UN , NASA,...what if all of these are a distraction for us to divert our minds

  2. Why has the cure for Cancer and Aids not come out yet?Or has it come out and only the elite have access to it? After all it's a medical business which has a turnover in trillions if not more...

  3. What if there is no outer universe at all like NASA claims...where is the proof that space exists? Whats the difference between a space movie and a space video which NASA shows us?don't you think they can show us whatever they want to show?

  4. What if the moon which we see from earth is just an illusion to the eyes?

  5. What if the earth is flat and not round as we are made to believe in?

  6. As kids our brains are trained to believe in certain things and after a while even after seeing the truth in front of us our brain would sub consciously reject it...but what other choice do we have?

Image Source

Let me know in the comment section if you agree/disagree with me and if there are any possible solutions.

Our opinions may differ but I would love to hear your thoughts on this serious matter

The comment section is yours...Feel free to share your thoughts and thank you for reading as I know it's not easy for the brain atleast :)

Let's try to think differently and not in a way in which we are taught to think

It was a pleasure pouring my heart out.

Lots of Love,


I really appreciate your post. You have just gone through over the serious issue so easily, and I completely agree with you. Its just a matter of Power. I have also written over it
We are happy to have this phrase "Ain't it great to be free"
And even When we just want to know whats happening in World, We switch on TV and believe over the biased media. We think and react as same they want us to react. We should try to see the things differently. 9/11 was planned as many possibilities are there. Iraq was vanished on a false reason as they told us, Gaddafi was a suspect only, same thing is repeating in Syria as well.
Even I do not believe that Syria will attack over their own people and children.

I am glad you understand the topic..a lot of serious issues in the world..and a lot of lies told to us...and most importantly millions dying because of it..the media just doesn't cover all of that...

Absolutely. In US Trump always says media- False Media.
How these Powerful Leaders can be so cruel to take life of millions and still they are able to have sound sleep. SHAME.

Yes..they only care about themselves..

Need to remember that's part of the game. Sometimes it's not false, it's just not reported and what better way to cause doubt and instability is to contantly say something is 'fake' or 'misleading' 'He's the President. He would never lie to us. He's not allowed to.' ROFLMAO Never blindly follow, that is what the government wants. They want you with your head in the sand, the country split up so they can do what they want. The don't want the people to see the truth.

I agree with you.. They just want to show us let us make think what they exactly want. Do you remember Cambridge Analytica, They played a vital role in US elections. This is called Micro- targeting. I have written over it also.
You should look this-

Nice post. Yes they did. Just like when everyone was 'shocked' by Snowden's 'leaked' information. Anyone who thought our actions in any fashion are not tracked have their head in the sand. I guess most people are believe ignorance is bliss .

Totally respect your Ideology. "Anyone who thought our actions in any fashion are not tracked have their head in the sand."

Fun, comedy, tragedy i could go on and on and on. Everything is valuable. Some do one, some do both

Yeah..trying to mix it all up..
To see where the best value is...

What is value to one is not to another. Run your blog as you please.

As for your topic itself ... I agree with the main point .. most of us are just puppets going through life working a 9-5 job. Worrying and stressing about things that aren't important and blinded from the truth from the junk we are fed on T.V. or elsewhere.

Yeah..I minds are kept busy all the time..telling us to worry about all things which are meaningless...
I am glad I could come across this topic and I hope everyone one day realises the truth and gets free or atleast try to get free..

Thank god there is someone who think positive!

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Yes..just trying to connect all the dots...

I can see you research so much. Great job!

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Thank you...just trying to bring out the truth...

You are very welcome :-)

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Weaker nations will always act as turfs for proxy wars between stronger nations, specially when it's time to acquire scarce resources. Tho sadly the wealthy will be the ones to actually benefit from them. I.e the war on batshit(shoutout to @themadgoat for the plug) Anywho, sadly it's just how the World works and I believe no side is ever the "righteous" one, just another entity pushing their agenda or ambition.

But as for the Earth being flat, ... I call total Bs. lol Have a blessed day.

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Thank you for commenting....
But how do they not care about the millions who suffer because of their can this be any less than a world war?
As for the earth being flat even I think it's not possible...
You too have a great day :)

Well, they probably go by the philosophy "out of sight out of mind" and since money is all they see, its all they care about. And it also doesnt help that people tend to despise each other, which doesnt make it that hard to convince them to kill each other when in doubt. Smh

As for the earth being flat even I think it's not possible...

Going for shock value I see... Well played. Cheers!

They have a saying which goes by "It's for the greater good" and under this according to them they can kill as many as the want for the greater good.
We may laugh about the flat earth theory now but one day it might just suprise us...we never know...

Unfortunately :(
And if it turned out the Earth is flat, youtube would be drowned in "I told you so" videos, which would be fun. So not that much of a loss lolol

Yeah..but after that there would be people whom come up with the earth is not flat but rectangle haha :)

My belief is this, "nothing is as it seems."
You have touched on some awesome subjects.
We can converse on this sometime soon.
I boosted this blog because I believe it to be of high value!!
Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thank you Papa Bear...I am glad you like my work :)

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All this is happening because of corporate greed and control. The Top 1% wants control of everything they possibly can! Its a shame how the US hurts many innocent people over in the Middle East just to take control of oil and have a pipeline that connects from the Middle East to their country. There was a disagreement which caused a war.

And yeah 911 was an inside job, I remember that when I was 13 years old is when this crap happened. I was led to believe that Al Qaeda with Osama Bin Laden were the ones responsable in destroying the twin towers... many years later I found out that the secret US societies worked a deal with Al Qaeda of some sort to plan this terrorism attack and then had that as an excuse to tighten airport security for TSA making the process a pain in the butt.

And yeah, more than 95% of society are too indoctrinated and distracted by entertainment and things that does not matter to not noticed whats going on. The churches also preaches about the end times and predicting how this world will end. But I am not one to talk about conspiracy but thats how I really see it.

This was a very good post, Alice! And you sure are Red Pilled to the core and has woken up on whats really going on in society. You are a very smart girl and keep it up! :D UPVOTED!

Thanks for going through means a lot...
We truly are blinded by the unnecessary things in life..that is how they want it..
I am glad slowly people are realising this but we are too weak to fight against these mighty guys...
Something extraordinary has to happen..

I was asked by someone if I am only fun and games...If I would ever consider making a valuable post

Do not worry about what others say, you can publish whatever you want.

On the other hand, good publication, addresses a really interesting topic, and that requires our attention, the media are not trusted, and are only showing a part of the problem, and every citizen who questions what the authority says is called "conspiranoic", so people prefer not to ask themselves those questions.

Yeah..but I follow this topic so wanted to make a post on it.
I was suprised how much in a bad state we are in and how the media was covering everything up...
Trying to show everything is good...

I am wondering about that car, that ran on water... If that is a myth or true...???
If it actually worked in the 80ties, someone could probably reverse-engineer something similar today...??? Right?


Meyer's patents have expired. His inventions are now in the public domain, available for all to use without restriction or royalty payment. No engine or vehicle manufacturer has incorporated Meyer's work."


Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell
The water fuel cell is a technical design of a "perpetual motion machine" created by American Stanley Allen Meyer (August 24, 1940 – March 20, 1998). Meyer claimed that an automobile retrofitted with the device could use water as fuel instead of gasoline. Meyer's claims about his "Water Fuel Cell" and the car that it powered were found to be fraudulent by an Ohio court in 1996.

Yes..but there are rumours that anyone who works on such a technology doesn't live may be true or just rumours
About the car which ran on water it was covered by a big news channel at that time...

It's interesting, but the history about that water-driven car is very unclear, it would be cool to see if anyone tried to reconstruct this motor, there must be tons of maniacs on youtube claiming they have?

I think there are a lot of people who tried it..I will be researching on it a bit more...
But I am sure it is possible because technology has risen far and we are still stuck with fuel and no other alternative...

It's good to do research, before posting this kind of stuff as 100% true...
I am really interested in these stories but many times it is nothing else but stories... It is going to be interesting to read more after you done some research...

Yes..but just wanted to share the story about this guy...
We will never know whether it was true or not...
Will try to publish more if I get to know more...

source youtube/some-news channel

Wow...los Angeles to new York in 22 gallons of water and no fuel required...
Can we believe in this?

Interesting article full of explosive information!!! And, of course, controversial, since it goes against the Mainstream Media Official Joke, I mean, Story...

I hope the Anti-Truth whales don't attack your post. I tend to avoid Political issues here, since I've experienced first hand what happens when you contradict the opinion of some whales in here.

I've found this article because @rentmoney has suggested it, as part of his entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

Haha..yes they can attack but we all should be free to express our opinions...
They can choose to have a completely different view but they are free to write about it in the comments...
I am glad you found my post and thanks for expressing your views :)

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@blog-fictions I agree on the reason for all the trouble in the middle east. saddam was horrible but he never wanted to attack the U.S - we bombed a modern country (yes led by an evil man but modern none the less) back to the stone age ! And yes the whole Gaddafi deal was more then suspect.

9/11 was not an inside job! However Some government agencies knew about the attacks and kept quiet as yes they were hoping for a reason to start a war. Now the next thing I am going to say was told to me by someone I know but I cannot say if this is true or not although it sounds plausible and would explain the collapse of the third building . I was told that the complete world trade center was rigged with explosives/or some ind of collapse system that were/was installed there incase the U.S should ever be invaded and they needed to get rid of all the financial data and access points. The planecrshing into it somehow triggered the system and this is why the whole thing Went down not just a part of it ...

Flat earth is hogwash ! Don't get me wrong i love Terry Pratchett's diskwold like any other geekette and how cool would it be elephants tortoise and all ...but anyone who knows mathematics and physics will very quickly be able to see how it would not work .

Yes agree with 9/11...that it was ignored by officials rather than an inside job...I heard there were explosives planted but did not know it was planted so that data could be destroyed incase U.S ever got invaded.
Flat earth does sound a bit suspicious but at this point don't know what to believe and what not to believe

@blog-fictions knowledge is power alway approach things with the scientific method, question everything but use the right tools ... meaning if someone tells you bread can only be baked without burning if you throw the batter on the wall learn how to bake bread or read up on the stuff from reliable sources before challenging or believing them :)

True that..trying to apply this in real life...

Wow, @blog-fictions what an amazing piece. I was waiting until I truly had time to sit down and let this one sink in. Nothing I read here is news to me, but you put it in such a way that it's easy for everyone to comprehend and it's not so much where they would be immediately put off. Funny story for you when I was in basic training in 2004 right after the Iraq war kicked off we weren't training for Iraq or even Afghanistan. We were training to invade Syria. We even watched a short film about the county. However, after I left ft. knox that was the last time I heard about it until the recent events. This was a great post and I really enjoyed it you can write fun or serious posts don't matter to me just keep up the good work!

Posted using Partiko iOS must have so much knowledge on these topics..I am a great follower of these events and I wish everyone get to know what the real truth is..
I am glad that you commented because someone who has served in military appreciates the stuff that I have there must be some truth to it...

When I was stationed at Ft.Bragg a couple of us guys were riding in the back of a truck coming back from a shooting range. We started talking about 9/11 and who really did it. Then our Sergeant told us to shut the hell up and never talk like that again. We weren't knocking the war or anything just curious. But I guess politics should stay out of the grunt world and be left to the big guys. But yeah being over there and seeing what's actually going on has definitely changed my whole world perspective, maybe someday I will write a bit on it. For now it's just deeper than I want to go haha!

Haha..I completely day you should definitely write on it..would be interesting to read :)

Hi @blog-fictions, as you may know @rentmoney featured you in this week's @pifc's Pay It Forward contest. We would also like to invite you to check us out and look to joining in to help others gain exposure.

Very well done and very valid points. Yes, many of these points are just as you say diversions to an already distracted community. We don't have cures for major diseases, because there is no money in a cure. Each time there has been a conflict there has been something done by the US goverenment that needs to be 'overlooked' or 'passed by' I'll even go as far as to say the US government is run by the parties, PAC and people like the Kochs and Rothschilds. No matter what a candidate says they have no say. Just like as a people we really do not have say. Along the lines of this, Venezuela just did one of the oddest moves I can recall in just about any history. They were heading for economic failure. What does the country do? They create a new type of money. The logistics of it is that of removing zeros yet suppposedly keeping the same value. Yet it's not, it's dropped and they are wore off. I can't seem to fathom this move. Definitely need to do more research on it.

As for Stanley Meyer, I think if at that time frame it is entirely possible. It is actually still a viable option if you have a pre 2000 vehicle. One of my friends, his family converts vehicles from petroleum based to water based. People now of course think they're crazy.

I'm still sticking with the earth being round. I can't get past cirucumnavigation. To start in New York fly straight until you reach New York again. How does that work with a flat earth theory. Or a village in Africa that sits on the equator showing the differences in the gravitational pull on each side. Yet when you do the experiment on the equator nothing happens. If the earth were flat there wouldn't be any polarization because at that point there is no axis, no rotation, so water would flow the same direction no matter where on the planet you're at.

Yikes this would be a great discussion. If you haven't found him yet or vise versa check out @zoomtruth. I think you 2 would get along wonderfully.

Thank you for your views...
Let me know when the next pay it forward contest is and I will join :)
I loved reading your thoughts and I think the Stanley Meyer case is mostly true..and so may be many more which we don't know about...
Regarding the flat earth even I think it's not possible but never believe anything what they show us...
And I think every disease can be's just that they would lose money after that and hence they don't bring it out..

Thanks :) I have to keep myself under control. I'm not a total conspiracy theorist, more of a just a realist. My friends and family think I'm just overthinking things. Just like with the news, it sounds bad you have to check out 4 news stations and 2 of them have to be foreign to get half the truth LOL.

Actually we run the contest every week. The announcement goes out on Every Tues and you have until Sat 11:59 pm CST (Chicago) to have your entry in. We have some that participate every week. Some once or twice a month. A normal week is 2 features up to a rep of 55 that you like and think needs a little help. Sometimes we throw in a bonus to keep it interesting, but that's it.

Here's the link to this week's contest. Week 21 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

Thanks..I will check it out now :)

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This article mad me ponder if Osama bin laden was innocent of the reason he was killed,

Would this war ever end? What if all you have articulated is not true?

Thanks...we can never know the full truth...but it is important for people to know that what has been said to them by the government may not be true..they atleast need to be made aware of it..

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