Flow of ink broke the nib.

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I always am amazed by the symbolism behind breaking the nib of the pen when it signs off an executive "punishable by death" sentence. This subtle act carroes so much depth and meaning to it. The reason it bewilders me is that often we see symbolism being given so much thought and respect, while real acts of honor and heroism are given a blind eye.


But is that single death sentence the sole reason the nib should be broken? Or should it also be given the weight of all the sentences the pen has signed off in all of it's existence? The weight of henious acts against humanity that may have been given the appropriate justice piling up on itself?


I wonder if the pens knows, and if it does then did every single case and sentence accumulate over time? If symbolism, in this circumstance, was given a breath of life, would the ink get heavier and denser until the point that when it reaches the point of giving someone a death sentence that the pen would break on itself.

Imagine if the pen knew. Everytime a sentence would be passed it would go older and frail, pouting down under the weight of how humanity has grown thin. With every man committing misfortune to another, the pen would only grow brittle with disdain.


Finally, when the last stand would come and only a death sentence would do justice, the pen would also give up. It would break down by itself as a way of saying it has given up and cannot live on in the world filled with evil. Where it once stood sharp and tall symbolizing good, it now can't live on along with what seems like a never ending bad.


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Thank you appreciate it

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Hi there. I found you on Twitter and linked through to your blog.

I really like the life and emotion that you've gifted the pen.

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