91 Days to a Series, Day 0

in writing •  10 months ago

Over the past few months, I've become obsessed with one of my favorite authors, Chris Fox. He has a YouTube series titled, 12 Weeks to a Trilogy. I've decided to allot myself 13 weeks or 91 days to finally accomplish my goal of publishing a three books. This series of videos will be shot over the next 91 days to document my progress and to keep myself accountable. I look forward to the journey.

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You doing it the easy way through Amazon or he real way?

I got this on Dtube
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I guess I can write a bit, but I can't shoot video, this one was wrong so I gave it another try on the following post. I'm definitely self-publishing. I do so much marketing with my day job, I feel I can better market my product through Amazon than any traditional publisher will ever do. I am hiring a professional editor to review my work so I don't just slap up trash--but I am going through Amazon.

You got lost, man!

But you are back with a vengeance, I can see!

I am so on board with this new project...

published three books, for me a very extraordinary and useful experience @bigpanda.
hopefully your self is always healthy and can publish the next book

Awesome! Good luck with that, a challenging but rewarding task! I hope to someday be able to finish my very large scifi-fantasy novel that's been 4 years in the working. Looking forward to watching your progress!

Good post brother

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Thanks for sharing your writing.
I appreciate your post.
Best of luck

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thank you for sharing @bigpanda, you smart people can write a book, I am very happy with you.