Traffic in the Sky

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"The trouble with flying cars, is that no matter how high you go, there’s always some Automated Service Vehicle in the way. It’s especially bad on the hyperway. They should program Artificial Intelligence with a sense of imminent death, so maybe they’ll hurry the hell up”, James quibbled.
Damn kids these days — even my own son…. I remember when we had "hoverboards", but they were just lame-ass Segway's without something to hold on to.

2048, I didn’t think I’d live to see today. After HoverCar tookoff, I had more money than I knew what to do with. I quit my day job. How many hours did I waste away at that soul-sucking 9-to-5 — praying for a raise or extra holidays?
Now I work at my downtown loft in Tokyo, wearing ONLY a kimono when I please; where they accept HoverCoin for rent, and daily RoboMaid service is included. Years ago, I signed up with Dogezer, a platform that connects people with dreams to people who can make those dreams come true. Someone, Avon Traubough, had the dream of creating a safe and affordable flying car. Through Dogezer, we were connected and I was offered a spot at HoverCar as a software engineer and co-founder, tasked with creating and occasionally updating the propulsion-field containment algorithms. My degree in thermonuclear physics made me a prime candidate. They offered me 2 million HoverCoin — priced at a penny a piece.

As the project neared completion, many tests were required to bring our flying car up to regulatory standards. We spent countless hours, postulating and preparing for every possible scenario. All those long nights, finally paid off when the test results for our safety shields came back reading, “Level 5 Force Field or Higher”. The price of HoverCoin jumped to a dollar per coin; I was an overnight millionaire.

A level 5 force field basically means, “safe enough to gently catch a baby at warp speed”. We were single-handedly responsible for the reduction in age-attainment required to fly a car. We “Elon Musk’ed” the world, and released the patents for our revolutionary force fields; eventually every car, flying or driving, was required to use the technology. My son, James, is 6 years old. He’s been flying for years. It’s amazing what children are capable of without school. With Neural Mesh Tech, we can learn while we sleep. Uploading all the essential lessons and skills to be a "good human”, right to your brain. Powered by Dogezer. My friend, Barry, worked on that project.

"Lucky bastard. I hear NeuroCoin is breaking $250. What’d they hook him up with? 50 thousand? 100??”, James asked.

“Was I?… Did I?”, I stammered; forgetting that I was still live-streaming my thoughts from my own neural mesh, and James happened to be tuned in — to the amusement of our many followers.


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This has been an entry for the @Originalworks and @dogezer writing contest! Thanks for being awesome! May ze best text win!

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Very good writing and made me smile a lot 😉
You and your way with words, I can't imagine that they wouldn't love it.. Lol
Somehow this line just got to me...

With Neural Mesh Tech, we can learn while we sleep.
Awsome I can now sleep and still learn not need to stay up all night 😁😁hahaha
Awsome my friend.


Thanks Saffi!! Yes, they did love it <3

Lmao. right?? wouldnt that be nice!? definitely a fantasy of mine :)
It'l be real before ya know it.


Excuse me while I just go and 🙈 hide...
Yes I did hear you won but didn't know it was this.... I suck 😜 sorry dear.
Congrats and wohooo 🤗

Yes that would be cool and to get ready? Are you coming? I haven't cleaned yet 😁😁lol
Sorry just being a bug...


No worries!! I didn't publicize it much :)
thanks, love!
Yes coming to Sweden now!!
Just a sec, while I buy a private plane

Very cool writing a great flow to it


Aye, thanks a ton man! It's easy to get inspired with such a cool topic. I'm definitely gonna have to start a project or 2 on Dogezer. The world will soon realize my brilliant ideas...

christolphe swinging uke.gif


lol! This whole piece is fantastic. This line especially: "We “Elon Musk’ed” the world." ;) Nice writing!


You're an angel 👼 thank you!
Im so glad you enjoyed it!
We'll definitely still be talking about Elon in 2048. He may not have even peaked by then...
(Dreams about the future)


Why thanks my Alliance BRO. I'm PUMPED for this platform.


like.... probably too excited........




Awesome, thanks!

thank you leslie knope.gif

Love this! Great writing!


Thanks Chef!! 'Preciate ya taking the time to read it.
Hopefully the judges will like it too :3

well? christolphe.gif


If the judges do not like it... then they are wrong. You do not need judges! You are great!


haha heeyyy, YOU'RE RIGHT :) Thanks man.

thank you hands.gif

have a good day!


Yew tew!!

Nice one sir!
Awesomeness flows in ya!
I never thought we could make the writing so creative!


Ah shucks :) thanks man!!
When I read "You could write about Darth Vader building the Death Star!", I knew I had to get a lil out-there

that was the curveball winning shot :! ) I thought you were crazy to enter but it was brilliantly snatched and a well deserved victory .. you even got a new follower... just so I can keep my eyes on you :)


lmao, thanks brotha!
I'm certainly not hard on the eyes, I don't blame ya ;)

goofy tyrion.gif