The Little Star - A Short Poem by Another Poet

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Why must we compare?

The night sky that shines so bright provides a light for all to see.

The stars that shine the brightest are the stars that shine through the night and give off the most light.

What about the stars that put off very little light? Don't they have the right to shine just as bright?

I refuse to criticize the star that doesn't shine as bright as the stars around it at night.

Sure its friends put off so much light but its light is just as nice.

It must refuse to lose it must still fight... Continue to fight, the good fight.

So here's to the stars that just don't shine as bright.

Final Thoughts

Here's an abstract poem to fuel creativity in fellow Steemians today. I hope this gets the imagination flowing here. Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

Another Poet

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No need to compare the stars buddy! Just enjoy them!

Don't underestimate people. They may be small but they can accomplish big things!

I never underestimate the power of the human spirit! Where did you get the inspiration for this poem?

Usually when in the right state of mind I just sit down and let the words hit the paper. Sometimes I end up with something I'm really proud of and other times not as much...

Putting this in the perspective of doing art it is truly really hard to stay positive. You feel constantly the shadow that follows you whisper to you that you are not good enough and that the other artists, the other stars, are just better than you. I also bake bread, and I am constantly asking myself, why is my bread different from the other people who have made a success from their lives. The constant battle to not go dark and let the other people shine rather.

I understand how you feel. This poem applies to an artist's struggles remarkably well now that I read it again. Very cool connection made here Phil! Thanks for your thoughtful words. Happy holidays.

Happy holidays and may the artist's struggles not bug you these interesting times we are living in!

Appreciate that! Very kind words!

I see you shining bright.

Thanks Jason!

we truly don't need to compare, even within humans we don't need to compare our life to others because we have no idea of what they are facing or what their journey is about, everything is timed and purposed the night sky is purposed to shine so bright and provide a light for all to see at its own time likewise The stars that shine the brightest are the stars that shine through the night and give off the most light at its own time.

Yes. It's wonderful isn't it. Perspective... Our minds have so much control over how we see the world. It's like you said, no need to compare, just enjoy the ride!

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