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I love this! Resteeming! :-)

upvoted resteemed!

Haha! "Plus they help with your spelling and grammar." Because if you didn't know it you(we) all need help. Haha


I recently mangled an edit - the author had used the right word, continuously, while I was thinking the word was continually... and, yeah, 99% of native English speakers do not know the difference, or care. Same with enormity and notoriety. If it sounds like the word we want, we just appropriate (i.e., the verb) that word... Continuous refers to an action that continues in an unbroken fashion, as a continuous hum or buzzing sound. Continual refers to a repeated action that is periodically interrupted, as continual complaints about the dog from the neighbors. (Grammar Ramblings)


I love it! Thanks for teaching me something new. I'm not sure I'd ever thought about the difference. But enormity and notoriety, I think I've got those down.