Essay #1: "Human Arrogance"

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"If there is one thing that the wars of the world taught us, it is that arrogance would lead us to nowhere."

During the phase of the world's darkest times, there is one primordial law of nature that has been eating out the sense of justice of our ancestors. It is the concept of supremacy and inferiority. Humans always try to put on impressions to themselves that one should reign supreme. This not-so-cool concept had become a plague that made the history violent and bloody. It was the mother of the treacherous atomic bombs, devastating nuclear weapons, the Nazis, and many more that contributed greatly to the world's chaos. But, sadly, it is nature's way of telling us that we are humans.

We are humans. We get angry, jealous, anxious. We kill, yet we value life. We love, yet we hate. We are amiable, but rotten to the core. We are self-indulgent, but very tainted by worldly desires. We seek harmony in our thoughts, but are not shown in deed. We are a synergy of contradicting self and existence; a balance of the imbalances of the world.
We are and we need to be arrogant, because that is our nature. It is our nature to feel affection and hatred. It is our nature to be arrogant.

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Arrogance is a dominating trait brought by being a human. Needless to say that it is very unpleasant and unfavorable trait in a working society. No matter how we try and do our very best in a certain work, there is always a conceited being that make us think we are just but a mediocre individual, that they can do a more preferable task because they are 'better' than most of the people in the workplace. No matter how we always convince ourselves to jut let it pass on to our ears, it always detours into our brain. We let them take over us while we are slowly being dragged by our own sabotaging thoughts. It stresses our day, and tragically, our life. It lacerates a wound in our minds that is surely irreparable. Then, unfortunate as it seems, it leaves an ugly scar that no surgical methods could hide.

No human has ever been created as perfect as the one that we always think of. We always have a stench odor that is hidden somewhere in ourselves. We always try to conceal it, but the stinky smell it gives can't be. We should always remember to understand humanity, for it is our nature to do such. We may have a corrupted character, but we are and can be better. We should learn and accept that it's what made us us today. Just remember not to let ourselves be subjected to it fully and obey it blindly.

Hello guys. I have decided to start posting 'essays' in this platform. I really love writing essays because it makes me express the thoughts that are inside me. I always feel satisfied whenever I finish writing one afterwards. It is very engaging and it enhances my vocabulary and logical organization of paragraphs. I know this is not an exceptional write-up but I hope you enjoyed your time reading it. Good day :)


Well written!

Thank you :)

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