Mom and Slayed two 55 word short stories

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Mom heard my heart pour out and listened with timeless patience.
This month was horrible. Wife, kids, job, and life in turmoil.
Your granddaughter picked up a wild bunny in the back yard. Today is the last day she's five.
If you could only meet her. Smiles for miles. Then tears.
I left flowers at her headstone.

Humiliation. Unhorsed, unarmed, and defeated.
The crowd cheered for him. Count Drakos of Bastardia.
He came to end me, but I threw sand in his eyes.
Booing ensured... but I didn't care. I wanted to win.
His sword up, but I stepped into it. Took it! I sliced him dead.
Renaissance Faire champion!


This is look like a short story

This poem is a spirit lifter wow I am short of words to compliment such a great piece.

Great composition sir. Mothers are everything. "He came to end me, but i threw sand in his eyes". Lovely


that's pretty cool to know, thanks for the tips by the way..

So is count drakos the mom or the bunny?

Mom is the purest relation of the world and the grief of mom death can understand only whose mom passed away from the World. May her soul rest in peace. Your poetry comes from the bottom of your heart @aggroed

So great writing.

Your post made me literally cry. Mothers are a true blessing. I always tell my friends that talk loudly too their moms and even dads that when they're gone you will regret speaking so harshly too your true lovers, caregivers your mothers ! 😞🌹

A good poem @aggroed. A very heartbreaking tragedy.