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Love is one of the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person.
That sweet, indescribable feeling you have when you meet that special someone.😍

Everything seems perfect when they are around because, their presence makes life easier.


You can spend all day daydreaming about the one you love, smiling to yourself and wondering how you got to be with an angel.😇

Love makes life more beautiful and phenomenal. Everything around you becomes beautiful when the one you love is near.😊

True love can stand the test of time, distance and differences.
Even at times when you feel like giving up, true love gives you hope to hold on to and to keep fighting.


True Love brings peace, trust and joy.
It does not keep record of offences.
It is not spiteful, jealous or selfish.

Does True Love Really Exist?.
Let's talk.
Please leave your thoughts/answers in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.
With Love Adedoyinwealth

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Absolutely. True love does exist and it is beautiful.
It is our job to spread and share the love with the whole world, because there is no life without love.
Great post my lovely friend.


You are right Ma'am.
The world and life itself would be boring without Love.

Thank You so much for stopping by Ma'am.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

True love really does exists.

True love doesn't even recognize imperfections cause to it, it is more of the charm.
True love takes your breath away and makes your heart skip a beat. It could kill ya!

True love takes you by the horn and swirls you like Pinkberry yogurt while you drip of all its magic.

True love exists and we can't stop describing it!


Beautiful answer.👏
Watch out for my contest coming soon.
Thanks for stopping by.

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Thank You very much.

True love exists, because God exists! To attract true love, one has to possess this love and recognize it when it comes along.


You have said it all Sir.
True love can only be found in GOD.
And we can never really experience True Love if we haven't encountered GOD Himself.

Thanks for coming around.


My pleasure!

Yeah, we all wish it exists.


Lol. It does exist in GOD.

Sorry but there is no such thing as true love. NO such thing as forever or 5 ever. :D Congratulations on getting on your true love though xx.


I get your point.
Humans would always be humans.
Of course human beings tend to disappoint.
But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.
The only person that can never disappoint you is GOD.
True Love only exists in JESUS.

I invite you to join me and other wonderful people in Steemchurch

I promise you won't regret it.
It would be fun having you join us.


Oh yeah! I believe on what you have said. They left because it was meant to be. I'm glad that Jesus is always there. I got his back.