[Writing] The Interface Arrives

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He’d opened the box, offline at first, treating it like a sacred artifact; being very careful not to tear it… anywhere.

After he’d laid out the contents on his bedroom floor; after he had taken out the hardware with its scent of freshness; the compact headset, the light casing of the visor and its crisp instruction manuals; after he had cradled the main components in his hands he sat down on the floor and just… looked.

He took in the gleaming, rounded shapes waiting for energy; for new life to enter them. It had never before been fired-up, at least not by many ‘mortals’, i.e. outside ImmerTech's post-production tests. It belonged to him now; he needed to take a moment to think carefully.

He tried not to think about the cost, or what it might cost him later on, in other ways. What was immediately exciting was the tiny amount of people, among the teeming millions of people, who would be staring at a similar sight. Staring at the next major upgrade for the future of immersive capability for the mind. The next chapter in the chronicle for greater interaction with: information, experience, learning; concepts themselves… and other people. Other hungry, restless souls.

He still remembered the early ads on TV for the early prototypes: This is not a fad. Take a look into the future.

He knew he'd have to carefully re-box it all, for his online audience later that night. Of course, he’d be filming the ‘unboxing’ webcast, but only after his BBQ chicken pizza. Maybe he’d include the pizza. It might drop an offhand, flippant, even cynical note to this 'next big thing' before him... The shock of the all-brand new, and the dream - for a spiralling moment - of the unknown powers it could bestow.

[Continued.... stay tuned! .. #microfiction #VR]

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