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Love is a game
Chapter 1

The context from which an uproar of applauds roared from was one owned by the biggest business tycoon in the city. It was quite early at dawn, a perfect time to meet with the Judges seated in a row, ready to place their final verdict as this competition was at the last stage.

"Look around you, and answer this simple question. What is love?"

Juliet was first to jump at the question. Her eyes glimmered brown, a little skimpy and short with perfect smile that fitted her sparkling set of teeth. She dropped her handbag, dust her skirt and cleared her throat to answer.

"Love is a feeling of attraction. It's a rare feeling of care"

She flushed as she explained, looking around to see if anyone followed with her explanation.

Davies King sat among the high table, alongside Peter Adeniyi his partner in crime. Peter drew close and gave a questionable wink with his eyes, he was sure Juliet had said it all.

"She is not the one"

Davies whispered to Peter while Juliet explained.

"Dude, she is on point"

Peter disagreed when he whispered back.
It was an Audition in disguise. A showcase of talent held with a huge prize of a million dollars award to whoever wins the best position; Single handedly sponsored by Davies King, Son to the richest business tycoon in Abuja, Nigeria.

It was a good facade to get what he really wanted.

The crowd had been scrutinised to pick the best 25. Now they sat in the audition room, In wait for the final knockout.

They had expected something tough and difficult, but instead, the question was thrown as instructed by Davies.

"What is love?"
An applause roared for Juliet, she sat in satisfaction, totally reassured she had said it all.

Jerry stood up next, he was broad and slim, a little dark in complexion to fit his baritone.

"Love is not just a feeling of attraction, but a connection of two hearts"
He got the satisfactory nods and smiles of the ladies, he was pretty sure he would have one or two girls at the end of the Audition. He was handsome, another complete advantage.
His answer was short and precise, one that Juliet felt smacked her own point to naught.

Thompson stood up next and blew their minds away when he said.

"Love his giving someone the right to hurt you, and trusting them not to"

An applause roared and Peter was certain Davies had found the right person.

But a shake of his head in disagreement proved Thompson wasn't close.

They all gave beautiful answers, such that enlightened and got the approval of the Judges. Except Davies, whose approval was one that stands.

A lady sat at the last seat. She wore a black jacket, a Jean and a strap boot. She didn't care if the chewing gum she had in her mouth , caused a distraction. Her hair was well packed in her black face cap. She looked defiant and wore her expression in a rebellious way. She was obviously on the net, chatting and taking photos too. She appeared tough and less concerned with swagg and beauty to top.

"Hey you..."

Peter noticed her and found it disrespectful. He looked to the expression of his fellow Judges, they had the same thought. Without hesitation he called
"Hey you, What's your name?"


She still sat while giving her reply and Peter felt it was rude.

"Will you stand up? What do you think this place is?"

She reluctantly stood to face him.

Peter sighed in exasperation and turned to Davies.

"Can you believe this girl...?"

Davies was quiet, he simply watched the show.

"Come forward... to the front now"

Peter went on and within couple of delayed minutes, she stood in front and faced the high table.

"Face the Audience"

She obeyed after she had chuckled in mockery. It only infuriated Peter the more and he was now prepared to fool her before the house.

"Coco, tell this house why you've not contributed to the question asked"

She smiled, made a noise with her chewing gum before she rhetorically gave her reply.

"It's wrong, all the answers they gave, I saw no reason to add to it"

Peter was going to push further, but Davies interrupted this time.

"So why not tell us the correct answer, what is love...?"

She turned to meet Davies' gaze. With her hands tucked in her pocket, her eyes locked on his, she said out loud.

"We are all here because we love to do something, we love to be famous and earn lots of cash. People would kill to get what they love, people would commit fraud, cheat and lie to get what they love. We love because we want to be appreciated and chosen over the others. We get married because we want to beat others to get there first. And have children just like everyone else...."

Peter was getting irritated already. He had to cut her shut and reminded her of the real question.

"My friend what point are you trying to make here, remember the question"

She was communicating with Davies already, and his eyes never left her when she continued.

"Don't you get my point...?"

She questioned with a sarcastic gesture.

"Love is a fucking game"

Davies got the hit, he stood up and interrupted Peter or any other judge from saying anything else.

He picked his portfolio and just before he head out he whispered to Peter.

"Send her to my office, she is the one"

Love is a game


©onyeneke Abel. January 2018 all rights reserved.

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Love is a game


Love is a life!

We all have our different opinion on what love is...just follow the story understand what i mean when i say love is a game

Cool fiction love story... Nice one.

Thanks alot my brother

Love is blind and pain I love.

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Life itself is a competition "game" and love is a subsection which life can't deal without..a game in a way but more to it than just a's the reason we survive. Great plot.

Wise words brother... Thanks for stopping by


The answer to what is love? By juliet in your post @abfictionstories. Is my best definition of love.

"Love is a feeling of attraction. It's a rare feeling of care"

If you care for someone you won't hurt, hate, steal, fight or decieve each other on any ground. Love is love. Love is the reason I love for is the master key to unlock any closed heart.

Thanks for sharing I am enlightened by your post.

Thanks alot, its a series, so you would be coming across more chapters to read

You are highly welcome.@abfictionstories

Me too am into this love thing, relationship things, morals and general knowledge of things, as the spirit implies I flow with it.

Love is the master key to unlock the doors of every heart. >@chrizy

This is beautiful
Love is really a game, only good players make it worth having.

Love conquers all!!!

Welldone...hope to read more from you

woow! very true bro, awesome piece!

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Whew that tension in that line Love is a game

Lol, trust me, its gonna be epic. Thanks for stopping by

Waoow actually it is to me a game and not in another way that love is a game. I have ever loved someone that i will dont wanna loose her for a second, just wanna say that it actually takes two beautiful heart to love. For it is also written in the holy book: (This is my commandment, that ye love one another :Jesus, In John 15:12).
Love begins at home, and it is not how much we
do...but how much love we put in that action.

I agree with you brother, thanks alot for your comment, upvote and resteem...i really appreciate

True love is rare, nice story

Yes dear. I urge you to follow up, you would love the story.

Hmmmmm. One person must loss in a game

Of course bro, but the question is, who will it be? Thanks for stopping by

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