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Came across this program shortly after joining Steemit, and have posted several times on this valuable program. Recently I came across several additional posts on Steem Basic Income, one by @shortsegments. You can find it here Tips for earning Steem on the Steemit platform: Tip Number Two & Giveaway. There have been several more posts, unfortunately I cannot recall all the names at this moment. FYI, if you are looking for a number of valuable tips, check out @shortsegments.

My goal here is just to continue to spread the word.

In a nutshell, Steem Basic Income offers a lifetime income for content creators on Steemit. Yes, it is a form of Universal Basic Income. And, yes, it is an experiment. But, from what I can tell, many are enjoying the rewards.

It is very easy to get started. Just sponsor someone. That's it. So, let's say I sponsor Julie for 1 Steem. Just for sending 1 Steem to Steem Basic Income for Julie, my account is also credited with 1 Steem. Truly a win-win situation. This is my favorite part of the whole program.

Here are a few key links.

You will find lots of good information in the links. And, I highly recommend reaching out to their Discord Channel if you have any questions.

Very important! Don't forget to up-vote Steem Basic Income posts. Member Upvotes Provide Sustainability to the project.

Hope you will take advantage of this great opportunity.

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I agree this is a good program and worthy of support.
Thanks for the mention.

I will spread the nutshell then

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LOL. Thank you @wakeupkitty. Always appreciate you dropping by.

Is there an avenue for one to meet new people and interact through this program of yours?


Hi @toyimika. The program is not mine. And you can interact with the creators and supports through the Steem Basic Income Discord Channel. Enjoy.

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